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Second baby planet found using technique pioneered by Monash astrophysicists

Monash astrophysicists using the ALMA telescope in Chile have a made a world-first discovery with the sighting of a second new ‘baby’ planet (two to three times heavier than Jupiter) inside a gas and dust gap.

12 Aug 2019 Nature Astronomy

Glitch in neutron star reveals its hidden secrets

In a paper published today scientists have studied the Vela Pulsar, a neutron star in the southern sky, that is 1,000 light years away

12 Aug 2019 Nature Astronomy

Smash and Grab: A heavyweight stellar champion for dying stars

The PNe has emerged from a star born with 5.5 times the mass of our Sun.

24 Jun 2019 Nature Astronomy

Star formation burst in the Milky Way 2-3 billion years ago

Cosmologic models predict our galaxy would have been growing due the merging with other galaxies, a fact that has been stated by other studies using Gaia data.

8 May 2019 Astronomy & Astrophysics