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Early DNA lineages shed light on the diverse origins of the contemporary population

Early DNA lineages from Finland shed light on the diverse origins of the contemporary population.

15 Nov 2019 Scientific Reports

Climate change influenced rise and fall of Northern Iraq’s Neo-Assyrian Empire

Role of climate in the rise and fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

13 Nov 2019 Science Advances

Ancient Egyptians gathered birds from the wild for sacrifice and mummification

DNA study rejects the idea that Egyptians domesticated sacred ibis for ritual use.

13 Nov 2019 PLOS ONE

Stanford researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome

Those genetic data reveal at least two major migrations into Rome, as well as several smaller but significant population shifts over just the last few thousand years.

7 Nov 2019 Science

The last Neanderthal necklace

Found for the first time in the Peninsula an ornament with eagle talons from the Neanderthal Period

1 Nov 2019 Science Advances

The homeland of modern humans

This study uniquely combined the disciplines of genetics, geology and climatic physics to rewrite our earliest human history.

28 Oct 2019 Nature

ANU to delve into deep human past to rewrite history

In Australia this means moving away from the idea that history started with the arrival of Europeans.

26 Oct 2019

Social inequality in Bronze Age households

Archaeogenetic analyses provide new insights into social inequality 4000 years ago: nuclear families lived together with foreign women and individuals from lower social classes in the same household.

10 Oct 2019 Science

Study finds prehistoric humans ate bone marrow like canned soup 400,000 years ago

Bone and skin preserved the nutritious marrow for later consumption, Tel Aviv University researchers sayю

9 Oct 2019 Science Advances

New method reveals how differences in the genetic “instruction booklet” between humans and Neanderthals influenced traits

The computational technique compares thousands of human genomes and the few Neanderthal genomes available.

8 Oct 2019 Nature Ecology & Evolution

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