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UofT researchers find: Most engineered nanoparticles enter tumours through cells, not between them

University of Toronto researchers have discovered that an active rather than passive process dictates which nanoparticles enter solid tumours, upending decades of thinking in the field of cancer nanomedicine and pointing toward more effective nanotherapies.

19 Jan 2020 Nature Materials

Penn shows giving entire course of radiation treatment in less than a second is feasible

Findings related to FLASH radiotherapy could pave a new path for the future for cancer therapy.

9 Jan 2020 International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics

New imaging system and artificial intelligence algorithm accurately identify brain tumors

A novel method of combining advanced optical imaging with an artificial intelligence algorithm produces accurate, real-time intraoperative diagnosis of brain tumors, a new study finds.

6 Jan 2020 Nature Medicine

Revolutionary treatment cures beloved family pet

In the meantime, the treatment has been a gift for Griffin’s owner Adam and his family.

2 Jan 2020

Artificial intelligence identifies previously unknown features associated with cancer recurrence

This technology could contribute to personalized medicine by making highly accurate prediction of cancer recurrence possible by acquiring new knowledge from images.

18 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

New tool reveals DNA structures that influence disease

Gene expression is the process by which the information encoded in DNA gives rise to observable traits.

18 Dec 2019 Genome Biology

A way to ‘fingerprint’ human cells

The method has the potential to allow earlier detection of cancer, identify the cells at the root of autoimmune disease, and help personalise treatments to individual patients.

12 Dec 2019 Genome Biology

Precise action anti-cancer drugs in the cell clarified

Watching a drug in action.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Materials

Root of childhood kidney cancer discovered

Pre-cancerous signatures found in healthy tissue point the way towards new treatment options.

5 Dec 2019 Science

Predicting metastasis from primary tumor size

New mathematical model calculates chances that undetectable metastases are present.

21 Nov 2019 PLOS Computational Biology

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