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Hurricane Harvey tops league of most extreme US weather this decade

Harvey stands out for several reasons.

18 Feb 2020

This is not a climate emergency. It’s much more serious

15 Feb 2020

Can a river sing? ANU researchers say ‘absolutely’

11 Feb 2020

Himalayan glacier shows evidence of start of Industrial Revolution

10 Feb 2020

Scientists show solar system processes control the carbon cycle throughout Earth’s history

10 Feb 2020


First direct seismic measurements of mars reveal a geologically active planet

Scientific team including UMD geologists analyzed marsquakes from the InSight mission to find a planet with geological activity similar to both Earth and the Moon.

24 Feb 2020

LOFAR pioneers new way to study exoplanet environments

Astronomers have discovered unusual radio waves coming from the nearby red dwarf star GJ1151.

17 Feb 2020

SwRI models hint at longer timescale for Mars formation

Simulations of early impacts produce a mixed Mars mantle.

12 Feb 2020


Study puts spin into quantum technologies

24 Feb 2020

Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough

17 Feb 2020

Reasons why megaprojects fail

14 Feb 2020


Using gold to read cancer’s messages

New research has revealed the nanotechnology developed by University of Queensland scientists can detect and monitor extracellular vesicles (EVs) in the bloodstream.

4 Mar 2020

Sustainable development in the era pandemic risk

14 Feb 2020

AI, brain scans may alter how doctors treat depression

10 Feb 2020

Human gut-in-a-dish model helps define ‘leaky gut,’ and outline a pathway to treatment

10 Feb 2020

Sepsis leading cause of death worldwide

9 Feb 2020


Scientists succeed in measuring electron spin qubit without demolishing it

This type of “non-demolition” measurement is important for creating quantum computers that are fault tolerant.

2 Mar 2020

Watching magnetic nano ‘tornadoes’ in 3D

Scientists have developed a three-dimensional imaging technique to observe complex behaviours in magnets, including fast-moving waves and 'tornadoes' thousands of times thinner than a human hair.

24 Feb 2020

New green technology from UMass Amherst generates electricity ‘out of thin air’

Renewable device could help mitigate climate change, power medical devices.

17 Feb 2020

Fragile topology: Two new studies explain the strange electron flow in future materials

Researchers demonstrate how the perfect flow of electrons on the surface of some types of topological insulators can be surprisingly fragile.

13 Feb 2020


Human Populations survived the Toba volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago

New archaeological work supports the hypothesis that human populations were present in India by 80,000 years ago and that they survived one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the last two million years.

25 Feb 2020

By gum! Scientists find new 110-million-year-old treasure

A remarkable new treasure has been found by scientists from the University of Portsmouth - the first fossil plant gum on record.

25 Feb 2020

Ancient plant foods discovered in Arnhem Land

20 Feb 2020

Fish in the Sahara? Yes, in the early Holocene

19 Feb 2020


Binaural beats synchronize brain activity, don’t affect mood

17 Feb 2020

Can beauty be-er ignored?

14 Feb 2020

State of mind: The end of personality as we know it

13 Feb 2020

Adapting to climate change: We’re doing it wrong

11 Feb 2020

What puts women off bearded men?

9 Feb 2020

Energy choices can be contagious – but why? New insights into peer influence

8 Feb 2020

UBC research shows more needs to be done to alleviate user concerns about privacy and security

28 Jan 2020