Colleges & Universities

Most of the top colleges and universities in the world are located in the United States. There are many schools in the US that are well known nationally and internationally and have thousands of students from around the world studying there. Many areas of study are available in the American higher education system. These include … Read more

Unearthing History: Boston College researchers and colleagues pinpoint the source of unique chemical composition of volcanic rocks

Ethan Baxter, Anna Gerrits, Paul Starr (Boston College), Edward Inglis (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris), Besim Dragovic (University of South Carolina), Kevin Burton (Durham University) Boston College A new analysis has revealed the source of oxidation found in rock samples from the coast of Greece, where geological activity spawned explosive arc volcanoes about … Read more

Researchers determine age for last known settlement by a direct ancestor to modern humans

Nature Russell Ciochon (University of Iowa), Kira Westaway (Macquarie University) et al. Homo erectus, one of modern humans’ direct ancestors, was a wandering bunch. After the species dispersed from Africa about two million years ago, it colonized the ancient world, which included Asia and possibly Europe. But about 400,000 years ago, Homo erectus essentially vanished. The … Read more

Voyager 2 reaches interstellar space

Nature Astronomy Don Gurnett, Bill Kurth University of Iowa Voyager 1 has a companion in the realm of the stars. Researchers at the University of Iowa report that the spacecraft Voyager 2 has entered the interstellar medium (ISM), the region of space outside the bubble-shaped boundary produced by wind streaming outward from the sun. Voyager … Read more

60 years of shock wave research at Sandia National Laboratories

Mary Ann Sweeney 61st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics Sandia National Laboratories Sandia National Laboratories physicists Mark Boslough and Dave Crawford predicted the Hubble Space Telescope would see a rising vapor plume as the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet crashed into the far side of Jupiter (Figure 1) in 1994. And … Read more

Sorghum study illuminates relationship between humans, crops and the environment in domestication

Nature Plants Jianming Yu, Xianran Li et al. Iowa State University IowaStateU A new study that examines the genetics behind the bitter taste of some sorghum plants and one of Africa’s most reviled bird species illustrates how human genetics, crops and the environment influence one another in the process of plant domestication. The study untangles … Read more

Directed evolution and smart plants: Lehman College researcher reimagines the future of biology

Eleanore Wurtzel (Lehman College, City University of New York), Claudia Vickers  (CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform; University of Queensland), Andrew Hanson  (University of Florida, Gainesville), Harvey Millar (University of Western Australia), Mark Cooper , Kai Voss-Fels  (University of Queensland), Pablo Nikel  (Technical University of Denmark), Tobias Erb (Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology; LOEWE Center for Synthetic … Read more

Excessive use of skin cancer surgery curbed with awareness effort

JAMA Dermatology Johns Hopkins Medicine Sometimes a little gentle peer persuasion goes a long way toward correcting a large problem. That’s the message from researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and seven collaborating health care organizations which report that a “Dear Colleague” performance evaluation letter successively convinced physicians nationwide to reduce the amount of tissue they … Read more

Banana disease boosted by climate change

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B University of Exeter Alex Morrison Climate change has raised the risk of a fungal disease that ravages banana crops, new research shows. Black Sigatoka disease emerged from Asia in the late 20th Century and has recently completed its invasion of banana-growing areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. … Read more

Using a mobile while browsing the shelves may make shoppers buy more

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Michael R. Sciandra, J. Jeffrey Inman, Andrew T. Stephen Fairfield University fairfieldu Dr Michael Sciandra at Fairfield University, US and colleagues investigated the impact of mobile phone use on in-store shopping behaviour. They found that those who used mobile phones in store for purposes unrelated to shopping, such … Read more