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New tool to help beat the health hazards of smoke haze

The existing public health advice on bushfire smoke is mainly tailored to brief air pollution episodes, typically lasting no longer than one or two days.

16 Jan 2020

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Density-compensated overturning in the Labrador Sea

This finding reveals the critical role of density compensation in setting the strength of the overturning circulation in the Labrador Sea.

17 Jan 2020

Future subtropical warming accelerates tropical climate change

15 Jan 2020

Sea-ice-free Arctic makes permafrost vulnerable to thawing

8 Jan 2020

Shutdown of coal-fired plants in U.S. saves lives and improves crop yields

7 Jan 2020

A better estimate of water-level rise in the Ganges delta

6 Jan 2020


Infrared detection of aliphatic organics on a cometary nucleus

The researchers revised several million spectra collected by VIRTIS to obtain the most accurate infrared “vision” of the materials that are present on the surface of the nucleus of comet 67P.

19 Jan 2020

Magnetic storms discovered to originate much closer to Earth than previously thought

The sun permeates space with solar wind energy, which can actually enter Earth’s space environment (the magnetosphere) through an energetic process known as “magnetic reconnection.”

14 Jan 2020

Astronomers witness a “heat-wave” of thermal energy radiating outward from a high-mass protostar

A heatwave of accretion energy traced by masers in the G358-MM1 high-mass protostar.

13 Jan 2020


Evonetix collaborate with imec to scale-up chip-based technology production for third generation DNA synthesis platform

The novel silicon chip is a key component of Evonetix’s desktop DNA platform which, once fully developed, will facilitate and enable the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology.

16 Jan 2020

The water-energy nexus at rivers can be resolved worldwide by 2050 as a consequence of the energy transition

5 Jan 2020

Monash develops world’s most efficient lithium-sulfur battery

3 Jan 2020

Stanford researchers build a particle accelerator that fits on a chip

2 Jan 2020


UofT researchers find: Most engineered nanoparticles enter tumours through cells, not between them

University of Toronto researchers have discovered that an active rather than passive process dictates which nanoparticles enter solid tumours, upending decades of thinking in the field of cancer nanomedicine and pointing toward more effective nanotherapies.

19 Jan 2020

New tool to help beat the health hazards of smoke haze

16 Jan 2020

Controlling molecular glue protects connections between brain cells

16 Jan 2020

Penn shows giving entire course of radiation treatment in less than a second is feasible

9 Jan 2020

Sleep deprived? Study finds losing a night of sleep may increase Alzheimer’s biomarker

8 Jan 2020


‘Melting rock’ models predict mechanical origins of earthquakes

Friction drops as rocks slide past one another with greater speed.

17 Jan 2020

How sensitive can a quantum detector be?

A new device measures the tiniest energies in superconducting circuits, an essential step for quantum technology.

17 Jan 2020

Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency

Method has ramifications for quantum computing, communications and more.

13 Jan 2020

What makes a candidate electable? Scientists know

The research implements concepts and methods from physics to uncover some of the universal properties of elections.

13 Jan 2020


Glimpse into ancient hunting strategies of dragonflies and damselflies

Scorpions are among the first animals to have moved from the sea onto land but because their fossil record is limited, how and when they adapted to life on land remains unclear.

16 Jan 2020

Puzzle of early Neolithic house orientations finally solved

A research team has investigated the alignment of early Neolithic houses in Central and Eastern Europe.

10 Jan 2020

Study puts the ‘Carib’ in ‘Caribbean,’ boosting credibility of Columbus’ cannibal claims

10 Jan 2020

Early humans revealed to have engineered optimised stone tools at Olduvai Gorge

8 Jan 2020


Scientists warn of sustainability crisis as relentless and excessive mining of sand is impacting environment and threatening lives

15 Jan 2020

Dismal math results can’t be ignored

17 Dec 2019

Chemists glimpse the fleeting ‘transition state’ of a reaction

16 Dec 2019

Oil catching sponge

16 Dec 2019

New way to make biomedical devices from silk yields better products with tunable qualities

16 Dec 2019

Scientists find brain mechanism which could underpin confirmation bias

16 Dec 2019

Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter

13 Dec 2019