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Climate change unlikely to drive sugar maples north

Such changes could have major consequences on how land-based ecosystems function.

13 Jan 2020 Journal of Ecology

Plant life expanding in the Everest region

Scientists used satellite data to measure the extent of subnival vegetation – plants growing between the treeline and snowline – in this vast area.

10 Jan 2020 Global Change Biology

Plants from diverse European habitats associate with the same small group of highly abundant microorganisms

Plants in nature harbour complex microbial communities of bacteria and filamentous eukaryotes (i.e. fungi and oomycetes), and the composition of these communities profoundly influences plant growth and health.

23 Dec 2019 Nature Ecology & Evolution

Spreading the seeds of Indigenous knowledge

Indigenous wisdom and modern science are helping to bring a highly nutritious seed to the world’s attention.

19 Dec 2019 Economic Botany

Australian desalination plant attracts fish

Many nations operate desalination plants, which remove salt from seawater to make it drinkable.

18 Dec 2019 Environmental Science & Technology

Degraded soils mean tropical forests may never fully recover from logging

Soil nutrients including phosphorus come from rocks, and are taken up by trees through their roots.

17 Dec 2019 Global Change Biology

Soil study shows Australia at its most stripped back

The study shows the Australian continent at its ‘barest’ – or least vegetated.

13 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

Research to turbocharge rice given major funding boost

Research that could transform global rice production by increasing yields from the world’s number one food crop has been boosted by five more years of funding.

13 Dec 2019

First ‘lab in a field’ experiment reveals a sunnier side of climate change

The field trial experiment - the first of its kind - was set up to investigate the link between warmer Octobers in the United Kingdom and higher yields of oilseed rape.

5 Dec 2019 Current Biology

Formation of the Global Frankincense Alliance

The process of co-creating the Global Frankincense Alliance (GFA ) has been initiated by a group of committed people from industry, trade and academia dedicated to the propagation, conservation and sustainable harvesting of frankincense, myrrh and associated plant species.

5 Dec 2019 World Congress of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP 2019)

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