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How plants in the cabbage family look inward when sulfur is scarce

Kyushu University researchers identify two key enzymes that release sulfur from health-beneficial chemicals in thale cress to promote growth in sulfur-deficient conditions

12 Feb 2020 Plant and Cell Physiology

Solving the enigma of global terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus limitation

Using theoretical considerations as their foundation, the new study defined an indicator using plant leaf nutrient resorption efficiencies to estimate nitrogen and phosphorus limitation at the ecosystem scale.

10 Feb 2020 Nature Geoscience

Conflict between ranchers and wildlife intensifies as climate change worsens in Chile

Ranchers blamed the increased aridity for reducing the availability of pasture, which meant there was more competition for grazing between livestock and guanacos.

6 Feb 2020 Oryx

Irrigation helps beat the heat of global warming

Irrigation affects climate conditions – and especially hot extremes – in various regions across the globe.

1 Feb 2020 Nature Communications

Sorghum study illuminates relationship between humans, crops and the environment in domestication

The study untangles these factors to create a more complete look at crop domestication than is possible in other major crops.

24 Jan 2020 Nature Plants

Climate (not humans) shaped early forests of New England

Historical insight alters rationale for modern land management.

20 Jan 2020 Nature Sustainability

Shutdown of coal-fired plants in U.S. saves lives and improves crop yields

Between 2005 and 2016, the shift away from coal saved an estimated 26,610 lives and 570 million bushels of crops.

7 Jan 2020 Nature Sustainability

Poplars genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees

The findings are important because poplar plantations cover 9.4 million hectares globally – more than double the land used 15 years ago.

6 Jan 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Trashed farmland could be conservation treasure

These spaces could offer great opportunities, and it’s time we recognise what that could mean and where it might be.

22 Dec 2019 Nature Sustainability

Degraded soils mean tropical forests may never fully recover from logging

Soil nutrients including phosphorus come from rocks, and are taken up by trees through their roots.

17 Dec 2019 Global Change Biology

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