Ice nucleation by aerosols from anthropogenic pollution

A study on ice nucleation ability of aerosols from anthropogenic pollution led by Assistant Researcher Bin Zhao, Researcher and Assistant Director Yu Gu in University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and Research Scientist Yuan Wang in California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has been published in Nature Geoscience. Ice clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere have profound impacts … Read more

Damage to the ozone layer and climate change forming feedback loop

Increased solar radiation penetrating through the damaged ozone layer is interacting with the changing climate, and the consequences are rippling through the Earth’s natural systems, effecting everything from weather to the health and abundance of sea mammals like seals and penguins. These findings were detailed in a review article published today in Nature Sustainability by members of … Read more

Laser method promising for detecting trace chemicals in air

Researchers have developed a new laser-based method that can detect electric charges and chemicals of interest with unprecedented sensitivity. The new approach could one day offer a way to scan large areas for radioactive material or hazardous chemicals for safety and security applications. The new technique, called mid-infrared picosecond laser-driven electron avalanche, detects extremely low charge … Read more

New Study Finds Microplastic Throughout Monterey Bay

Many people have heard of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” a vast area of ocean between California and Hawaii where ocean currents concentrate plastic pollution. However, it turns out there may also be a lot of plastic far below the ocean’s surface. A newly-published study in Scientific Reports shows that plastic debris less than 5 millimeters across, … Read more

Adjusting carbon emissions to Paris commitments would prevent heat-related deaths

Thousands of annual heat-related deaths could be potentially avoided in major US cities if global temperatures are limited to the Paris Climate Goals compared with current climate commitments, a new study led by the University of Bristol has found. The research, published today in the journal Science Advances, is highly relevant to decisions about strengthening national … Read more