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Creating switchable plasmons in plastics

Conductive polymer nanoantennas for dynamic organic plasmonics.

4 hours ago Nature Nanotechnology

A tech jewel: Converting graphene into diamond film

Synthesis of the thinnest possible diamond-like material starting from bilayer graphene and without high pressure,

4 hours ago Nature Nanotechnology

Jelly invention can heal itself like human skin

Scientists have invented a new jelly material that mimics biological matter such as skin, ligaments and bone, and which is very strong, self-healing and able to change shape.

8 Dec 2019 Advanced Materials

A new view for glasses

The physics that controls the motion of the atoms in glassy materials is incredibly complex and still not completely understood.

6 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

Liquid crystal polymer learns to move and grab objects

Researchers trained material the same way as Pavlov trained dogs.

4 Dec 2019 Matter

Mapping the energy transport mechanism of chalcogenide perovskite for solar energy use

Engineers have characterized the thermal energy conversion mechanism in the lattice of an advanced nanomaterial called chalcogenide perovskite and demonstrated its "tunability" - important for its potential use in solar energy generation.

4 Dec 2019 npj Computational Materials

Hiring antibodies as nanotechnology builders

Nanotechnology enables the design and fabrication of molecular structures of nanoscale dimensions that hold a great potential for several applications in the near future, including biomedicine.

3 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

Rapid desolvation-triggered domino lattice rearrangement in a metal–organic framework

The system transforms from a disordered and less crystalline MOF (AlTz-53) with low porosity to a highly crystalline and porous isomer (AlTz-68) within few minutes upon activation (solvent exchange and desorption), resulting in a significant increase in surface area, from 725 to 2,749 m2/g.

2 Dec 2019 Nature Chemistry

New membrane technology to boost water purification and energy storage

Imperial College London scientists have created a new type of membrane that could improve water purification and battery energy storage efforts.

2 Dec 2019 Nature Materials

Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing memories and processors

First-of-a-kind electro-optical device provides solution to faster and more energy efficient computing memories and processors.

29 Nov 2019 Science Advances

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