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‘The Nemo effect’ is untrue: Animal movies promote awareness, not harm, say researchers

Exposure to these movies does not increase demand for live animals, but can instead drive information-seeking behaviou.

14 Aug 2019 Ambio

Asian carp capable of surviving in much larger areas of Lake Michigan than previously thought

Some previous studies suggested that low food levels in Lake Michigan could be a barrier to the establishment of bighead and silver carp, which typically feed on algae and other types of plankton.

12 Aug 2019 Freshwater Biology

Medication in the environment affects feeding behavior of fish

It is disturbing that psychoactive drugs affect vital life processes in aquatic wildlife.

7 Aug 2019 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Ladies’ choice: What drives faster, flashier formation of new animal species

UC Riverside study finds animals with fancy, colorful males have choosy mothers

26 Jul 2019 Nature Communications

How the pufferfish got its wacky spines

Pufferfish are some of the strangest fish in the ocean, particularly because they have a reduced skeleton, beak-like dentition and they form spines instead of scales - not everywhere, but just in certain patches around the body.

25 Jul 2019 iScience

North Carolina coastal flooding is worsening with climate change, population growth

North Carolina has one of the highest impact zones of tropical cyclones in the world.

23 Jul 2019 Scientific Reports

Wakanda Forever! Scientists describe new species of ‘twilight zone’ fish from Africa

Named for Black Panther's mythical nation of Wakanda, a dazzling new 'Vibranium' Fairy Wrasse enchants with purple scales and a preference for deep, little-known mesophotic reefs up to 260 feet below the surface.

11 Jul 2019 ZooKeys

Hundreds of sharks and rays tangled in plastic

Hundreds of sharks and rays have become tangled in plastic waste in the world's oceans, new research shows.

4 Jul 2019 Endangered Species Research

How to protect corals facing climate change

Conserving a wide range of coral habitats is the best strategy.

1 Jul 2019 Nature Climate Change

Damage to the ozone layer and climate change forming feedback loop

New report finds that impacts of ozone-driven climate change span the ecosystem.

24 Jun 2019 Nature Sustainability

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