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The rare molecule weighing in on the birth of planets

The star, named HD 163296, is located 330 light years from Earth and formed over the last six million years.

12 Sep 2019 Astrophysical Journal Letters

First water detected on potentially ‘habitable’ planet

Water vapour has been detected in the atmosphere of a super-Earth with habitable temperatures by UCL researchers in a world first.

11 Sep 2019 Nature Astronomy

Study shows some exoplanets may have greater variety of life than exists on Earth

Making sense of remote observations requires the development of sophisticated models for planetary climate and evolution to allow scientists to recognize which of these distant planets that might host life.

22 Aug 2019 Goldschmidt2019

A second planet in the Beta Pictoris system

The β Pictoris system has fascinated astronomers for the last thirty years since it enables them to observe a planetary system in the process of forming around its star.

19 Aug 2019 Nature Astronomy

Second baby planet found using technique pioneered by Monash astrophysicists

Monash astrophysicists using the ALMA telescope in Chile have a made a world-first discovery with the sighting of a second new ‘baby’ planet (two to three times heavier than Jupiter) inside a gas and dust gap.

12 Aug 2019 Nature Astronomy

At the edge of chaos: New method for exoplanet stability analysis

Starting with observational data and scalar time series, this method uses complex network topology to deduce the underlying dynamics of systems in a fast, efficient way without the need for n-body simulations.

30 Jul 2019 Chaos

TESS discovers three new planets nearby, including temperate ‘sub-Neptune’

Planetary system orbiting an unusually quiet star is ideal for future habitability searches.

29 Jul 2019 Nature Astronomy

Discovering exoplanets with gravitational waves

Researchers suggest how the planned space-based gravitational-wave observatory LISA can detect exoplanets orbiting white dwarf binaries everywhere in our Milky Way and in the nearby Magellanic Clouds.

8 Jul 2019 Nature Astronomy

A Pair of Fledgling Planets Directly Seen Growing Around a Young Star

While over a dozen exoplanets have been directly imaged, this is only the second multi-planet system to be photographed.

3 Jun 2019 Nature Astronomy