Findings on education, malnutrition ‘deeply disturbing’ with United Nations’ goals 10 years away

Despite progress toward global education targets, a new study reveals that 1 in 10 women ages 20-24 in low- and middle-income countries had zero years of schooling in 2017, and 1 in 6 had not completed primary school. For the first time, researchers have mapped years of education and child malnutrition across all low- and … Read more

Dismal math results can’t be ignored

Australian school students’ poor performance in mathematics could harm the economy and the next generation’s job prospects, according to a University of Queensland researcher. The results from the 2018 OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) reveal that Australian students’ mathematics performance ranked 20 or above on a decreasing scale of one to 26. Professor … Read more

Learning is optimized when we fail 15% of the time

To learn new things, we must sometimes fail. But what’s the right amount of failure? New research led by the University of Arizona proposes a mathematical answer to that question. Educators and educational scholars have long recognized that there is something of a “sweet spot” when it comes to learning. That is, we learn best … Read more

Emphasizing social play in kindergarten improves academics, reduces teacher burnout

The study, published today in the journal PLoS One, found this approach to kindergarten curriculum also enhanced children’s joy in learning and teachers’ enjoyment of teaching, and reduced bullying, peer ostracism, and teacher burnout. “Before children have the ability to sit for long periods absorbing information the way it is traditionally presented in school through lectures, … Read more

Five researchers recognized with 2019 Golden Goose Awards for scientific contributions with great societal benefit

The eighth annual Golden Goose Award ceremony will recognize three teams of scientists whose silly-sounding research has returned serious benefits to society. Led by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the award committee includes a bipartisan group of Congressional supporters and several science and higher education organizations. The 2019 Golden Goose Award … Read more

Engaging educational videos elicit similar brain activity in students

The most engaging educational videos are correlated with similar brain activity across learners, according to research in young adults recently published in eNeuro. Yi Hu and colleagues at East China Normal University showed university students two-minute introduction clips for 15 online classes and monitored their brain activity via electroencephalogram. The students ranked the clips based on … Read more

‘The Nemo effect’ is untrue: Animal movies promote awareness, not harm, say researchers

The emotive warnings were made because of global reports that its precursor ‘Finding Nemo’ had inspired a surge in purchases of clown fish, which in turn caused environmental and animal harm. This became known as “the Nemo effect”. The most high profile of the warnings came from the voice of ‘Little Dory’ herself – Ellen … Read more

Teachers predict pupil success just as well as exam scores

New research from King’s College London finds that teacher assessments are equally as reliable as standardised exams at predicting educational success. The researchers say their findings, published today in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, question whether the benefits of standardised exams outweigh the costs. Teacher assessments were found to correlate strongly with exam … Read more