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Dull teeth, long skulls, specialized bites evolved in unrelated plant-eating dinosaurs

Herbivorous dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes.

5 Dec 2019 Current Biology

Adelphi, OHIO researchers determine dinosaur replaced teeth as fast as sharks

Research showed some predatory dinosaurs replaced teeth every 2 months.

27 Nov 2019 PLOS ONE

Discriminating diets of meat-eating dinosaurs

The big ones, such as Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurs Rex, fed on other dinosaurs.

4 Nov 2019 Palaeontology

Meet Siamraptor suwati, a new species of giant predatory dinosaur from Thailand

Siamraptor provides a new glimpse at the early evolution of carcharodontosaurian dinosaurs

9 Oct 2019 PLOS ONE

New Australian pterosaur may have survived the longest

Pterosaurs are known from fossils discovered on every continent but their remains are often incomplete and fragmentary because their bones are thin and hollow.

3 Oct 2019 Scientific Reports

Dust from a giant asteroid crash caused an ancient ice age

The cause of this ice age was a mystery, until now.

18 Sep 2019 Science Advances

New hadrosaur from Japan sheds light on dinosaur diversity

Hadrosaurs are among the most successful group of dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous.

5 Sep 2019 Scientific Reports

Filter-feeding pterosaurs were the flamingos of the Late Jurassic

Pterosaurs were a diverse group of flying reptiles that roamed the skies during the age of dinosaurs.

26 Aug 2019 PeerJ

New Jurassic non-avian theropod dinosaur sheds light on origin of flight in Dinosauria

As the most completely preserved specimen to date, Ambopteryx preserves membranous wings and the rod-like wrist, supporting the widespread existence of these wing structures in the Scansoriopterygidae.

8 May 2019 Nature