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Brush your teeth to protect the heart

Brushing teeth frequently is linked with lower risks of atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

2 Dec 2019 European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Details of dental wear revealed

The teeth of mammals experience constant wear. However, the details of these wear processes are largely unknown.

8 Oct 2019 Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Sentinels in the mouth

Special sensory cells in the gums protect against periodontitis.

3 Oct 2019 Nature Communications

Ancient teeth shed light on Miocene ‘mouse’ migration

The findings represent the first known physical evidence that the initial dispersal of mice from Asia to Africa took place through the Levant.

29 Aug 2019 Scientific Reports

Common origin identified could bring tooth regeneration potential closer

A common origin shared by teeth and taste buds in a fish that has regenerative abilities has been identified by a team of researchers from the UK and the States.

19 Aug 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

A new method of tooth repair? Scientists uncover mechanisms to inform future treatment

The study showed that a gene called Dlk1 enhances stem cell activation and tissue regeneration in tooth healing.

9 Aug 2019 Nature Communications

Sugar industry’s use of dietitians to influence dental professionals, 1974-1978

The Regional Nutritional Information Program was designed to portray the safety and benefits of sugar in a balanced diet.

19 Jun 2019 Journal of Dental Research

Snowflakes inform scientists how tooth enamel is formed

The work provides a theoretical basis for the developmental regulation of enamel formation, and helps to uncover why species such as humans and orangutans have very different looking teeth.

29 May 2019 PLOS Computational Biology

The healing power of a smile

A new study links the benefits of comprehensive oral care to the physical and emotional recovery of patients seeking treatment for substance use disorder.

20 May 2019 Journal of the American Dental Association