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Stretchable, degradable semiconductors

Semiconductors, which are essential components of almost all computers and electronic devices, have properties somewhere between conductors and resistors.

13 Nov 2019 ACS Central Science

Scientists take strides towards entirely renewable energy

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have taken a giant stride towards solving a riddle that would provide the world with entirely renewable, clean energy from which water would be the only waste product.

8 Nov 2019 Nature Communications

Flexible organic photovoltaics make breakthrough

4 Nov 2019 Nature Electronics

Scientists develop strategy to stabilize single atoms with ionic liquid as electronic stabilizer

Scientists have developed a strategy to stabilize isolated metal atoms on various oxide supports by using ionic liquids (ILs) as an electronic stabilizer.

4 Nov 2019 Chem

Scientists create ‘artificial leaf’ that turns carbon into fuel

Converts harmful carbon dioxide into useful alternative fuel.

4 Nov 2019 Nature Energy

New synthesis method yields degradable polymers

Materials could be useful for delivering drugs or imaging agents in the body; may offer alternative to some industrial plastics.

28 Oct 2019 Nature Chemistry

Turning plastic trash into treasure

Catalytic method upcycles single-use plastic into high-quality liquid products.

23 Oct 2019 ACS Central Science

Carbon grains around evolved stars

The Nanocosmos team, a Synergy project funded by the European Research Council, published today in the journal Nature Astronomy the results of a set of laboratory experiments showing that gas-phase chemistry, under conditions similar to those of a red giant star environment, can produce very efficiently small amorphous carbon grains and carbon chains similar to those found in oil.

21 Oct 2019 Nature Astronomy

‘Flamenco dancing’ molecule could lead to better-protecting sunscreen

Molecule that protects plants from overexposure to light repurposed as a UV filter for sunscreen by University of Warwick scientists and team of collaborators.

18 Oct 2019 Nature Communications

Scientists discover method to create and trap trions at room temperature

A UMD-led team chemically engineered carbon nanotubes to synthesize and trap trions - quasi-particles potentially useful in bioimaging, chemical sensing and quantum computing

16 Oct 2019 ACS Central Science

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