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“Everything flows” in the ecosystem

New assessment of the molecular composition of organic compounds in soil water indicates complex ecosystem processes lined by water transport in soil.

5 Aug 2019 Nature Geoscience

Time heals all wounds, but this adhesive can help

Bioinspired wound dressing contracts in response to body heat to speed healing.

24 Jul 2019 Science Advances

DNA replication machinery captured at atom-level detail

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists reveal a crystal structure that illustrates a mechanism that powers and possibly starts DNA replication

15 Jul 2019 Nature Communications

Research team deciphers enzymatic degradation of sugar from marine alga

Enzymes are biocatalysts that are crucial for the degradation of seaweed biomass in oceans.

8 Jul 2019 Nature Chemical Biology

The ancient history of Neandertals in Europe

Early ancestors of the last Neandertals lived in Europe already 120,000 years ago.

26 Jun 2019 Science Advances