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Directional control of self-propelled protocells

The future of drug delivery?

18 Nov 2019 Nature Nanotechnology

Spray painting fiber bandages onto wounds

A new device can deposit drug-delivering fibers directly onto biological material.

12 Nov 2019 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B

Creating fake rhino horn with horse hair to help in saving the endangered rhino

The study demonstrates that materials science can contribute to fundamental issues in biology and conservation.

8 Nov 2019 Scientific Reports

Big news for Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients

Australian researchers identify a link between itchy skin and gut pain, caused by identical receptors

16 Oct 2019 JCI Insight

Shipment tracking for ‘fat parcels’ in the body

Researchers at the University of Bonn show that highly sensitive method can 'track' lipid metabolism.

14 Oct 2019 Nature Methods

Breakthrough in sex-chromosome regulation

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have uncovered a chromosome-wide mechanism that keeps the gene expression of sex chromosomes in balance in our cells.

3 Oct 2019 Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

Chemists clarify a chiral conundrum?

Rice scientists disentangle protein-nanoparticle interactions, suggest path to drug-sensing tool.

26 Sep 2019 Science

Neurons’ response to seizure-induced stress reduces seizure severity

Study in mice shows that the endoplasmic reticulum stress response helps tamp down brain activity.

26 Sep 2019 PLOS Genetics

Engineered protein crystals make cells magnetic

The new area of magnetogenetics seeks to use genetically encoded proteins that are sensitive to magnetic fields to study and manipulate cells.

25 Sep 2019 Nano Letters

Painting the molecular canvas in super-resolution

Action-PAINT enables manipulation of single molecules at their natural locations with super-resolution precision to facilitate the study of biological processes.

20 Sep 2019 Nature Chemistry

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