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A new view for glasses

The physics that controls the motion of the atoms in glassy materials is incredibly complex and still not completely understood.

6 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

Atom music lets listeners experience atomic world through sound

By correlating bright lines within the atomic spectra to audible tones, individual atom notes can be identified to create atom songs, allowing us to 'see' their music.

4 Dec 2019 178th Meeting Acoustical Society of America

Molecular eraser enables better data storage and computers for AI

New discovery for atomic-scale circuits brings closer the potential to eliminate a gigatonne of carbon emissions while increasing data capacities for ultra-efficient computers.

27 Nov 2019 ACS Nano

Liquid-liquid transitions crystallize new ideas for molecular liquids

Researchers have reported experimental findings that reveal coupling between phase transitions that leads to drastic enhancement of crystal formation.

25 Nov 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Carbon soccer ball with extra proton probably most abundant form in space

When the astronomer Harry Kroto discovered C60 in 1985, he predicted that, due to its high stability, this new form of carbon would be widespread in space.

25 Nov 2019 Nature Astronomy

A remote control for everything small

Atoms, molecules or even living cells can be manipulated with light beams. At TU Wien a method was developed to revolutionize such "optical tweezers".

18 Nov 2019 Nature Photonics

Hot electrons harvested without tricks

The results showed that hot electrons from the perovskite semiconductor were readily absorbed by the bphen.

15 Nov 2019 Science Advances

Laser pulses create topological state in graphene

The study result was an ultrafast optoelectronic device architecture based on photoconductive switches.

8 Nov 2019 Nature Physics

New measurement yields smaller proton radius

Physicists get closer to solving the proton radius puzzle with unique new measurement of the charge radius of the proton

6 Nov 2019 Nature

A memory effect at single-atom level

The research group has investigated an artificial quantum system and found new properties.

6 Nov 2019 Nature Physics

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