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Omega-3 shows protection against heart disease-related death, without prostate cancer risk

Researchers continue to research the potential benefits and risks of this popular supplement, especially when it comes to prostate cancer risk and heart health.

17 Nov 2019 2019 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions

Drug discount cards could actually cost patients more

Brand discount cards have become a popular way for patients to reduce out-of-pocket spending on drugs; however, controversy exists over their potential to increase insurers’ costs.

16 Nov 2019 Canadian Medical Association Journal

Genetics may determine who benefits from broccoli’s effects on kidney health

When the researchers examined information from a large clinical trial, they found that high consumption of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables was linked with a lower risk of kidney failure.

14 Nov 2019 Journal of American Society of Nephrology

Bionic pacemaker slows progression of heart failure

Findings give hope for heart failure patients and may revolutionise the future design of cardiac pacemakers.

14 Nov 2019 The Journal of Physiology

Phage therapy shows promise for alcoholic liver disease

Gut bacteria toxin linked to worse clinical outcomes in patients with alcoholic liver disease; treatment with bacteriophages clears the bacteria and eliminates the disease in mice.

13 Nov 2019 Nature

Cardiologists establish how e-cigarettes damage the brain, blood vessels and lungs

The study also identifies some of the mechanisms involved, for which there has been limited information up until now.

13 Nov 2019 European Heart Journal

Using sound waves to remotely target drugs to tumors

Researchers have combined an ultrafast ultrasound imaging system with ultrasonic tweezers to track, trap and target drug carriers within a phantom blood vessel.

12 Nov 2019 Applied Physics Letters

Spray painting fiber bandages onto wounds

A new device can deposit drug-delivering fibers directly onto biological material.

12 Nov 2019 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B

Emerging intersections between neuroscience and malignant brain tumors

The establishment of neuronal and glial networks in the brain depends on the activities of neural progenitors, which are influenced by cell-intrinsic mechanisms, interactions with the local microenvironment and long-range signaling

12 Nov 2019 Nature Neuroscience

Newborn baby hiccups could be key to brain development

Pre-term infants are particularly prone to hiccups, as they spend an estimated 1% of their time hiccupping - roughly 15 minutes a day.

12 Nov 2019 Clinical Neurophysiology

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