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Close friends help macaques survive

Close friendships improve the survival chances of rhesus macaques, new research shows.

1 hour ago Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Killer whale grandmothers boost survival of calves

Post-menopausal killer whale grandmothers improve the chances of survival for their grand-calves, new research has found.

9 Dec 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Whales stop being socialites when boats are about

The noise and presence of boats can harm humpback whales’ ability to communicate and socialise, in some cases reducing their communication range by a factor of four.

6 Dec 2019 Royal Society Open Science

Health care in baboons

Sexually transmitted diseases are widespread among animals and humans.

4 Dec 2019 Science Advances

Untangling the branches in the mammal tree of life

Researchers at Yale University unveil a complete overhaul of the way species data is brought together and analyzed to construct an evolutionary tree of life for mammals.

4 Dec 2019 PLOS Biology

Deer and elk can help young Douglas-fir trees under some conditions

The findings quantified the effects of intensive forest management on wildlife and wildlife habitat.

4 Dec 2019 Journal of Applied Ecology

Through the eyes of animals

Most animals have completely different visual systems to humans, so - for many species - it is unclear how they see complex visual information or colour patterns in nature, and how this drives their behaviour.

3 Dec 2019 Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Harbor porpoise calves exposed to neurotoxic PCBs in mothers’ milk

New ZSL study reveals mothers detoxify themselves by passing on most neurotoxic PCBs through lactation.

3 Dec 2019 Science of the Total Environment

Habitat restoration alone not enough to support threatened caribou: UBC study

Other conservation methods may also be needed until restored sites are more established.

1 Dec 2019 Biological Conservation

Saving bats from wind turbine death

German scientists survey stakeholders about their attitudes toward methods to mitigate bat fatalities from wind turbines used in generating renewable energy.

26 Nov 2019 Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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