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Common origin identified could bring tooth regeneration potential closer

A common origin shared by teeth and taste buds in a fish that has regenerative abilities has been identified by a team of researchers from the UK and the States.

19 Aug 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Stanford researchers enhance neuron recovery in rats after blood flow stalls

Researchers report that they found a way to help rats recover neurons in the brain's center of learning and memory.

19 Aug 2019 eNeuro

Optic nerve stimulation to aid the blind

Blindness affects an estimated 39 million people in the world.

19 Aug 2019 Nature Biomedical Engineering

Lighting up proteins with Immuno-SABER

A simple and robust DNA-based signal amplification method to simultaneously visualize multiple proteins in tissues has the potential to accelerate many large-scale protein mapping and biomarker discovery projects

19 Aug 2019 Nature Biotechnology

Don’t miss a beat: Computer simulations may treat most common heart rhythm disorder

Scientists at Johns Hopkins have successfully created personalized digital replicas of the upper chambers of the heart and used them to guide the precise treatment of patients suffering from persistent irregular heartbeats.

19 Aug 2019 Nature Biomedical Engineering

The substance found in brown coal can help combat viruses

The data analysis results clearly attest to the importance of natural central fragments of flavonoids and polyphenols, two classes of natural compounds with wide-ranging biological activity.

19 Aug 2019 Scientific Reports

New pain organ discovered in the skin

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have now discovered a new sensory organ in the skin that is sensitive to hazardous environmental irritation.

15 Aug 2019 Science

Suit up with a robot to walk and run more easily

A versatile, portable exosuit that assists both walking and running highlights the potential for lightweight and non-restrictive wearable robots outside the lab.

15 Aug 2019 Science

Apples, tea and moderation — the 3 ingredients for a long life

People who habitually consumed moderate to high amounts of foods rich in flavonoids, compounds found in plant-based foods and drinks, were less likely to die from cancer or heart disease.

13 Aug 2019 Nature Communications

Negative memory storage affects depression symptoms

Inhibiting negative memories could be future depression treatment.

12 Aug 2019 JNeurosci

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