uOttawa researchers identify new method to detect autophagy a cellular recycling program

Research preformed in the laboratory of Dr. Ryan Russell at University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine have developed a brand new method to monitor autophagy in multiple types of biological systems.

On this work Dr. Russell states “The field of autophagy is rapidly evolving, with significant focus attracted to the field after Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2016 for the discovery of the genes of the autophagy pathway. However, one challenge that persists for autophagy researchers today is to accurately measure alterations in the activity of the pathway.”

Dr. Ryan Russell at University of Ottawa. Provided by R. Russell


In this publication, lead author Wensheng Tian describes a newly developed phospho-antibody that can be conveniently used in multiple assays to detect cells undergoing autophagy. This method holds several key advantages over conventional techniques in terms of both simplicity and accuracy, providing a powerful new tool to autophagy researchers, and in turns facilitates further advancement of the autophagy field.

Their research, titled “An antibody for analysis of autophagy induction” is now published at Nature Methods, a high quality journal which publishes novel methods and techniques in basic life sciences research.