Student Background Records

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  Cedarville University


Private university in Cedarville, Ohio
Cedarville University is a private Baptist university in Cedarville, Ohio.
At its founding, the school was affiliated with the conservative General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod, now Presbyterian Church in America.
Address: 251 N Main St, Cedarville, OH 45314, United States
Phone: +1 937-766-7700

Student Education Facts

Jenah Ziegenfus - Lynden, WA
 Jenah Ziegenfus
Originally from Lynden, Washington, Jenah Ziegenfus studied Early Child Education and Spec at Cedarville University. Jenah completed studies in 2019.
Katherine Zins - West Chester, OH
 Katherine Zins
Katherine has successfully completed high school. Currently, she holds a Middle Child Education degree. Ms. Zins has a degree in Middle Child Education from Cedarville University. She resides in West Chester, Ohio. Ms. Zins graduated in 2018.
Lisa Zimmermann - Trevor, WI
 Lisa Zimmermann
Lisa is a high school graduate. She has a Management degree. She studied Management at Cedarville University. She lives in Trevor, Wisconsin. Lisa graduated from the university in 2019.
Brynna Zellner - Lawrenceville, NJ
 Brynna Zellner
Having successfully completed high school education, Brynna Zellner has achieved a college degree. Currently, is studying Environmental Science. Brynna Zellner lives in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Brynna attended Cedarville University where studied Environmental Science. Zellner is scheduled to graduate in 2021.
Hannah Zettlemoyer - Coopersburg, PA

Originally from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, Hannah Zettlemoyer studied Nursing at Cedarville University. She completed her studies in 2020.
Brenna Zuranski - Kent, OH

Brenna has successfully completed her high school education. She is currently enrolled in a Applied Communication program. Brenna resides in Kent, Ohio. She studied Applied Communication at Cedarville University. Brenna graduated from Cedarville University in 2018.
Jonathan Zavodney - Cedarville, OH

Jonathan is originally from Cedarville, Ohio. He attended Cedarville University where he studied Biblical Studies. The year he obtained his degree was 2018.
Rheeme Zayed - Ontario, NY

Originally from Ontario, New York, Rheeme Zayed studied Biology at Cedarville University. Rheeme completed studies in 2018.
Jin Zhao - Perkasie, PA

The high school graduation of Jin Zhao has been successfully completed. Her current degree is in BS in Chemistry. Jin Zhao is a resident of Perkasie, Pennsylvania. She studied BS in Chemistry at Cedarville University. In 2018, Jin Zhao will graduate from Cedarville University.
Andrew Ziegenfus - Binghamton, NY

Originally from Binghamton, New York, Andrew Ziegenfus studied Health & Physical Ed Multi at Cedarville University before continuing studies in profession. Andrew completed degree in 2018.
Heather Zimmerman - South Charleston, OH

Heather is a resident of South Charleston, Ohio. She has graduated from high school in her hometown. After graduation, she went to attend Cedarville University. She has graduated in 2018. Heather is currently full-time employed.
Micah Zell - Elizabethtown, PA

Originally from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Micah Zell studied Mech Engineering at Cedarville University. Micah degree was awarded in 0000.
Xuecen Zhao - Liberty Township, OH

Zhao studied Nursing at Cedarville University. Xuecen is a native of Liberty Township, Ohio Having earned degree in 0000, has begun successful career.
Emily Zichi - Amherst, OH

Originally from Amherst, Ohio, Emily Zichi studied Early Child Education at Cedarville University. Her degree was awarded in 0000.
Erica Zichi - Amherst, OH

Erica has completed her high school education successfully. She is currently working towards her Communication degree. Originally from Amherst, Ohio, Erica is currently studying at Cedarville University. After graduating in 2020, Erica will begin her career as a nurse.
Katelyn Zook - Pottstown, PA

Katelyn is a high school graduate. She has a Nursing degree. She studied Nursing at Cedarville University. She lives in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Katelyn graduated from the university in 0000.
Joseph Zavodney - Cedarville, OH

Originally from Cedarville, Ohio, Joseph Zavodney studied BS in Chemistry at Cedarville University. Joseph degree was awarded in 2019.
Emma Zeilenga - Kalamazoo, MI

Emma is a high school graduate. She has a Political Science degree. She studied Political Science at Cedarville University. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Emma graduated from the university in 0000.
Allison Zieg - Omaha, NE

It has been a successful year for Allison Zieg in graduate school. Currently, she holds a degree in Music Education Multi Age. She studied at Cedarville University and is a resident of Omaha, Nebraska. She resides with her parents. Allison Zieg graduated from Cedarville University in 0000.