Student Background Records

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  Carleton College


Liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota
Carleton College is a private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota.
Founded in 1866, the college enrolled 2,105 undergraduate students and employed 269 faculty members in fall 2016.
Address: Sayles Hill Campus Center, North College Street, Northfield, MN 55057, United States
Phone: +1 507-222-4000

Student Education Facts

Jordan Zoellmer - Richfield, MN

Jordan has successfully completed high school education. Jordan is currently enrolled in a Physics and Mathematics/Statis program. Jordan resides in Richfield, Minnesota. Jordan studied Physics and Mathematics/Statis at Carleton College. Jordan graduated from Carleton College in 2016.
Xander Zuczek - Westerly, RI

A Westerly, Rhode Island native, Xander Zuczek graduated from a local high school. In the years following his graduation, he went to Carleton College. He completed his studies there in 2021.
Hannah Zhukovsky - New York, NY

Hannah is a high school graduate from New York, New York. Carleton College was her next stop after graduation. As of 2021, she has graduated. Zhukovsky works as a full-time employee.
Daniel Zin - Escondido, CA

Daniel is a native of Escondido, California. Daniel graduated from high school there. Daniel attended Carleton College after graduation. In 2021, graduated with honors.
Elizabeth Zimmerman - Chevy Chase, MD

Elizabeth was born and resided in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She has been a high school student in her hometown. After graduation, Elizabeth attended Carleton College, from where she has graduated in 2021.
Christof Zweifel - Northfield, MN

Originally from Northfield, Minnesota, Christof Zweifel studied Undecided at Carleton College. Christof degree was awarded in 2021.
Arielle Zuaro - Scotch Plains, NJ

Zuaro graduated from high school with honors. Her current degree is in Religion and Studio Art. Originally from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Arielle Zuaro studied Religion and Studio Art at Carleton College. She graduated in 2018.
Charlotte Zinda - Seattle, WA

Charlotte is a native of Seattle, Washington. She graduated from high school there. She attended Carleton College after graduation. In 2022, she graduated with honors.
Yuanhao Zou - Shanghai, Shanghai 200433

A native of Shanghai, Shanghai 200433, Yuanhao Zou graduated from the local high school in hometown, not too long ago. Upon graduating from high school, decided to continue education at Carleton College. Yuanhao graduated from this college in 2022.
Molly Zuckerman - Princeton, NJ

Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Molly Zuckerman graduated from Princeton, New Jersey High School where her family still resides to this day. She then went to Carleton College, where she continued her education. She received her degree in 2022.