Student Background Records

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  Augustana College


Augustana College is a private Lutheran liberal arts college in Rock Island, Illinois.
The college enrolls approximately 2,500 students. Covering 115 acres (46.5 ha) of hilly, wooded land, Augustana is adjacent to the Mississippi River.
Augustana College
639 38th Street Rock Island, Illinois, 61201

Student Education Facts

Adam Gronewold - Galena, IL
 Adam Gronewold
Originally from Galena, Illinois, Adam Gronewold studied Physics at Augustana College. Adam degree was awarded in 2019.
Emily Grybas - Frankfort, Illinois
 Emily Grybas
Emily went on to study after graduating from high school. Her current field is Speech Language Pathology. Emily, of Frankfort, Illinois, studied Speech Language Pathology at Augustana College. Her graduation is scheduled for 2015.
Wendy Guadarrama - Elgin, IL
 Wendy Guadarrama
Wendy grew up in Elgin, Illinois, and studied Business Administration (Marke at Augustana College. In 2016, she graduated from Augustana College.
Kathryn Grzebieniak - Schaumburg, IL

Kathryn is from Schaumburg, Illinois. She graduated from high school there. Augustana College is where she went after graduation. 2008 is her graduation year.
Emily M. Grossman - Barrington, IL

A Barrington, Illinois native, Emily M. Grossman graduated from a local high school. In the years following her graduation, she went to Augustana College. She completed her studies there in 2008.
Caroline Elise Gschwend - Green Oaks, IL

Caroline is from Green Oaks, Illinois. She graduated from high school there. Augustana College is where she went after graduation. 2009 is her graduation year.
Ellen Groh - Alden, IL

Her hometown is Alden, Illinois, where Ellen Groh was educated through high school. Ellen Groh attended Augustana College after she graduated. In 2009, Ellen Groh has graduated and currently works full-time in her field of studies.
Samantha M. Gruette - Naperville, IL

Samantha is a resident of Naperville, Illinois. She has graduated from high school in her hometown. After graduation, she went to attend Augustana College. She has graduated in 2009. Samantha is currently full-time employed.
Hillary Grosshauser - Geneva, IL

Hillary was born and resided in Geneva, Illinois. She has been a high school student in her hometown. After graduation, Hillary attended Augustana College, from where she has graduated in 2009.
Kayle Gryp - Babcock, IL

A native of Babcock, Illinois, Kayle Gryp graduated from the local high school in hometown, not too long ago. Upon graduating from high school, decided to continue education at Augustana College. Kayle graduated from this college in 2009.
Caroline Gschwend - Lake Forest, IL

Originally from Lake Forest, Illinois, Caroline Gschwend graduated from Lake Forest, Illinois High School where her family still resides to this day. She then went to Augustana College, where she continued her education. She received her degree in 2009.
Krysta Groeper - Chicago, IL

Groeper studied Applied Mathematics and Scandi at Augustana College. She is a native of Chicago, Illinois Having earned her degree in 2013, she has begun her successful career.
Krysta Groeper - Chicago, IL

Krysta has successfully completed her high school education. She is currently enrolled in a Political Science/Business Adm program. Krysta resides in Chicago, Illinois. She studied Political Science/Business Adm at Augustana College. Krysta graduated from Augustana College in 2014.
Michael Grzetic - Darien, IL

The high school graduation of Michael Grzetic has been successfully completed. Michael current degree is in English. Michael Grzetic is a resident of Darien, Illinois. Michael studied English at Augustana College. In 2015, Michael Grzetic will graduate from Augustana College.
Paula Gruenke - Lake Zurich, IL

Paula is originally from Lake Zurich, Illinois. She attended Augustana College where she studied Psychology, Biology. The year she obtained her degree was 2014.
Andrea Grubaugh - Muscatine, IA

Originally from Muscatine, Iowa, Andrea Grubaugh studied Creative Writing at Augustana College. Andrea completed studies in 2017.
Luther Grulke - Des Moines, IA

Luther is from Des Moines, Iowa. At Augustana College, he studied Biochemistry and Pre Medicine. Luther graduated in 2017.
Emily Grooms - Coal Valley

Originally from Coal Valley, Emily Grooms studied Art Education at Augustana College. Her degree was awarded in 2017.
Michael Grzetic - Darien, IL

Grzetic is a native of Darien, Illinois Michael studied biology at Augustana College. As of 2015, had earned degree and continues working in field of studies.
Andrew Groenewold - Park Ridge, IL

Andrew has successfully completed high school education. Andrew is currently enrolled in a Biology program. Andrew resides in Park Ridge, Illinois. Andrew studied Biology at Augustana College. Andrew graduated from Augustana College in 2017.
Benjamin Groselak - Lemont, IL

Groselak studied Teaching Math at Augustana College. He is a native of Lemont, Illinois Having earned his degree in 2019, he has begun his successful career.
Sarah Grudnowski - Milwaukee, WI

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah Grudnowski studied Undecided at Augustana College. Her degree was awarded in 2016.
Kyle Grogger - Fox River Grove, IL

Kyle has completed high school education successfully. Kyle is currently working towards Biology degree. Originally from Fox River Grove, Illinois, Kyle is currently studying at Augustana College. After graduating in 2017, Kyle will begin career as a nurse.
Ryan Gruetzmacher - Coal Valley, IL

Ryan went on to study after graduating from high school. Ryan current field is Biology Education. Ryan, of Coal Valley, Illinois, studied Biology Education at Augustana College. Ryan graduation is scheduled for 2017.
Alissa Grutze - Rockton, IL

Originally from Rockton, Illinois, Alissa Grutze studied Environmental Studies and Geog at Augustana College before continuing studies in her profession. Alissa completed her degree in 2017.
Jesse Gruneisen - Saint Louis

Gruneisen is a native of Saint Louis Jesse studied Accounting and Business Admini at Augustana College. As of 2017, had earned degree and continues working in field of studies.
Haley Grunewald - Freeport, IL

The high school graduation of Haley Grunewald has been successfully completed. Her current degree is in Communication Sciences & D. Haley Grunewald is a resident of Freeport, Illinois. She studied Communication Sciences & D at Augustana College. In 2019, Haley Grunewald will graduate from Augustana College.
Logan Grossen - Loves Park, IL

Logan has successfully graduated from high school. Logan currently holds a degree in Neuroscience. Logan resides in Loves Park, Illinois. Logan has studied Neuroscience at Augustana College. Logan has graduated in 2019.
Ashley Guenther - Walnut, IL

Ashley is from Walnut, Illinois. Ashley studied Graphic Design at Augustana College. Ashley has obtained his degree in 2018.
Caleb Gruden - Carol Stream, IL

Caleb is from Carol Stream, Illinois. He studied exploring majors at Augustana College. He has obtained his degree in 2018.