Student Background Records

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  Augustana College


Augustana College is a private Lutheran liberal arts college in Rock Island, Illinois.
The college enrolls approximately 2,500 students. Covering 115 acres (46.5 ha) of hilly, wooded land, Augustana is adjacent to the Mississippi River.
Augustana College
639 38th Street Rock Island, Illinois, 61201

Student Education Facts

Alec Mager - McKinney, TX
 Alec Mager
Alec is a high school graduate. He has a Biology with an emphasis on mo degree. He studied Biology with an emphasis on mo at Augustana College. He lives in McKinney, Texas. Alec graduated from the university in 2022.
Haley Madura - Bolingbrook, IL

Haley was born and raised in Bolingbrook, Illinois. She studied Communication Sciences and Dis at Augustana College. Haley obtained her degree in 2020.
Christopher Madden -

Christopher was born in , and graduated from high school there. Christopher next step was to attend Augustana College. Christopher graduation was in 2008. Currently, Christopher works full-time.
Jack Madden -

Jack is from . Jack graduated from high school there. Augustana College is where went after graduation. 2008 is graduation year.
Gregory Maggio -

Gregory is a resident of . Gregory has graduated from high school in hometown. After graduation, went to attend Augustana College. Gregory has graduated in 2008. Gregory is currently full-time employed.
Jonathan C. Mago -

Jonathan is from . He graduated from high school there. Augustana College is where he went after graduation. 2008 is his graduation year.
Jonathan Charle Mago - Cary, IL

His hometown is Cary, Illinois, where Jonathan Charle Mago was educated through high school. Jonathan Charle Mago attended Augustana College after he graduated. In 2009, Jonathan Charle Mago has graduated and currently works full-time in his field of studies.
Helen A. Magers - Glendale Heights, IL

Helen is a high school graduate from Glendale Heights, Illinois. Augustana College was her next stop after graduation. As of 2009, she has graduated. Magers works as a full-time employee.
Greg Maggio - Wheaton, IL

Greg is a resident of Wheaton, Illinois. He has graduated from high school in his hometown. After graduation, he went to attend Augustana College. He has graduated in 2009. Greg is currently full-time employed.
Michael Madden - Sycamore, IL

Originally from Sycamore, Illinois, Michael Madden studied computer science at Augustana College. Michael completed studies in 2015.
Samuel Mago - Cary, Ill.

Samuel went on to study after graduating from high school. His current field is Environmental Studies. Samuel, of Cary, Ill., studied Environmental Studies at Augustana College. His graduation is scheduled for 2016.
Sandy Macumber - Davenport

Sandy was born and resided in Davenport. Sandy has been a high school student in hometown. After graduation, Sandy attended Augustana College, from where has graduated in 2013.
Don Madson - Moline

Don is from Moline. He graduated from high school there. Augustana College is where he went after graduation. 2013 is his graduation year.
Samuel Mago - Cary, Ill.

Mago studied political science, business ad at Augustana College. He is a native of Cary, Ill. Having earned his degree in 2013, he has begun his successful career.
Michael Madden - Sycamore, IL

Michael is from Sycamore, Illinois. Michael studied Communication Sciences & D at Augustana College. Michael has obtained his degree in 2015.
Taylor Maduro - Greenland, NH

Taylor grew up in Greenland, New Hampshire, and studied business administration mana at Augustana College. In 2015, graduated from Augustana College.
Samuel Mago - Cary, Ill.

It has been a successful year for Samuel Mago in graduate school. Currently, he holds a degree in psychology and business admins. He studied at Augustana College and is a resident of Cary, Ill.. He resides with his parents. Samuel Mago graduated from Augustana College in 2015.
Justin MacNaught - Wilmot, WI

Originally from Wilmot, Wisconsin, Justin MacNaught studied Business Administration Manage at Augustana College. Justin degree was awarded in 2017.
Taylor Maduro - Greenland, NH

Taylor is a native of the city of Greenland, New Hampshire. Taylor attended Augustana College where #she# studied elementary education. In 2015, has completed degree program.
Ian Magnuson - Mount Prospect, IL

Originally from Mount Prospect, Illinois, Ian Magnuson studied Anthropology , Religion and St at Augustana College. He completed his studies in 2017.
Christopher Madison - Davenport, IA

Christopher has successfully graduated from high school. Christopher currently holds a degree in sociology. Christopher resides in Davenport, Iowa. Christopher has studied sociology at Augustana College. Christopher has graduated in 2015.
Justin MacNaught - Wilmot, WI

MacNaught is a native of Wilmot, Wisconsin Justin studied Economics at Augustana College. As of 2016, had earned degree and continues working in field of studies.
Kendall Maduro - Greenland, NH

Kendall was born and raised in Greenland, New Hampshire. Kendall studied International Business at Augustana College. Kendall obtained degree in 2016.
Nathaniel Magiera - Island Lake, IL

Nathaniel is originally from Island Lake, Illinois. He attended Augustana College where he studied Bus Adm Managemnt. The year he obtained his degree was 2019.
Ian Magnuson - Mount Prospect, IL

After graduating from high school, Ian Magnuson has continued his studies. His current degree is in Anthropology , Religion and S. Originally from Mount Prospect, Illinois, Ian Magnuson has studied Anthropology , Religion and S at Augustana College. Magnuson is expecting to graduate in 2017.
Cameron Mager - Schaumburg

Cameron has successfully graduated from high school. Cameron currently holds a degree in Business Administration Financ. Cameron resides in Schaumburg. Cameron has studied Business Administration Financ at Augustana College. Cameron has graduated in 2017.
Alexandra Madison - Davenport, IA

Alexandra has successfully completed high school. Currently, she holds a Elementary Education degree. Ms. Madison has a degree in Elementary Education from Augustana College. She resides in Davenport, Iowa. Ms. Madison graduated in 2017.
Mollie Magee - Overland Park, KS

Having successfully completed her high school education, Mollie Magee has achieved a college degree. Currently, she is studying Bus Adm Managemnt. Mollie Magee lives in Overland Park, Kansas. She attended Augustana College where she studied Bus Adm Managemnt. Ms. Magee is scheduled to graduate in 2019.
Jordan MacNeil - Torrance, CA

Jordan was born and raised in Torrance, California. Jordan studied Communication Sciences & at Augustana College. Jordan obtained degree in 2021.
Juliana Magalhaes - Davenport, IA

The high school graduation of Juliana Magalhaes has been successfully completed. Her current degree is in English. Juliana Magalhaes is a resident of Davenport, Iowa. She studied English at Augustana College. In 2019, Juliana Magalhaes will graduate from Augustana College.