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  Ashland University


Private university in Ashland, Ohio
Dr Javier Conesa (Ashland University Biology)
Ashland University is a private university in Ashland, Ohio.
The university consists of a 135-acre main campus and several off-campus centers throughout central and northern Ohio.
Ashland was founded in 1878 as Ashland College.
Address: 401 College Ave, Ashland, OH 44805, United States
Phone: +1 419-289-4142
Undergraduate enrollment: 3,559 (2016–17)
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Student Education Facts

Kelly Fullin - Westerville, OH

Kelly was born and raised in Westerville, Ohio. Kelly studied Math and Computer Science at Ashland University. Kelly obtained degree in 2019.
Keturah Fulton - Enon, OH

Having successfully completed her high school education, Keturah Fulton has achieved a college degree. Currently, she is studying Athletic Training. Keturah Fulton lives in Enon, Ohio. She attended Ashland University where she studied Athletic Training. Ms. Fulton is scheduled to graduate in 2012.
Elizabeth Funfgeld - Hinckley, OH

Originally from Hinckley, Ohio, Elizabeth Funfgeld studied education at Ashland University. She completed her studies in 2017.
Riley Gable - Barberton, OH

Riley was born in Barberton, Ohio, and graduated from high school there. Riley next step was to attend Ashland University. Riley graduation was in 2012. Currently, Riley works full-time.
Katie Funk - Alliance, Ohio

Katie was born and raised in Alliance, Ohio. She studied Biology at Ashland University. Katie obtained her degree in 2017.
Devan Furr - New Palestine, IN

Devan is from New Palestine, Indiana. At Ashland University, studied Business Administration. Devan graduated in 2017.
Garret Gable - Aurora, OH

A resident of Aurora, Ohio, Garret Gable graduated from Aurora, Ohio high school and he lives in his hometown. He went on to attend Ashland University after graduating. In 2013, he graduated from college.
Bailey Fullwiler - Hilliard, OH

Fullwiler is a native of Hilliard, Ohio She studied social work at Ashland University. As of 2016, she had earned her degree and continues working in her field of studies.
Bailey Fullwiler - Hilliard, OH

Bailey has successfully completed her high school education. She is currently enrolled in a Craig is majoring in Biology a program. Bailey resides in Hilliard, Ohio. She studied Craig is majoring in Biology a at Ashland University. Bailey graduated from Ashland University in 2016.
Katelyn Furr - Johnstown, OH

Katelyn went on to study after graduating from high school. Her current field is Early Childhood Intervention S. Katelyn, of Johnstown, Ohio, studied Early Childhood Intervention S at Ashland University. Her graduation is scheduled for 2013.
Bailey Fullwiler - Hilliard, OH

Originally from Hilliard, Ohio, Bailey Fullwiler studied family and consumer science ed at Ashland University. She completed her studies in 2016.
Diana Frye - Nova

Diana is from Nova. At Ashland University, she studied Middle Grades Education. Diana graduated in 2013.
Megan Furby - Howard, OH

Megan is from Howard, Ohio. She graduated from high school there. Ashland University is where she went after graduation. 2018 is her graduation year.
Michele Funk - Ashland, OH

The high school graduation of Michele Funk has been successfully completed. Her current degree is in Nursing. Michele Funk is a resident of Ashland, Ohio. She studied Nursing at Ashland University. In 2014, Michele Funk will graduate from Ashland University.
Bailey Fullwiler - Hilliard, OH

It has been a successful year for Bailey Fullwiler in graduate school. Currently, she holds a degree in Renninger is majoring in music. She studied at Ashland University and is a resident of Hilliard, Ohio. She resides with her parents. Bailey Fullwiler graduated from Ashland University in 2015.
Raquel Fularz - Rock Creek, OH

Raquel is a native of Rock Creek, Ohio. She graduated from high school there. She attended Ashland University after graduation. In 2015, she graduated with honors.
Katelyn Fulton - Northfield, OH

Katelyn is a high school graduate from Northfield, Ohio. Ashland University was her next stop after graduation. As of 2015, she has graduated. Fulton works as a full-time employee.
Hayley Fultz - Wadsworth, OH

Originally from Wadsworth, Ohio, Hayley Fultz studied General Exploratory at Ashland University before continuing studies in her profession. Hayley completed her degree in 2015.
Catherine Gabanic - North Royalton, OH

Originally from North Royalton, Ohio, Catherine Gabanic graduated from North Royalton, Ohio High School where her family still resides to this day. She then went to Ashland University, where she continued her education. She received her degree in 2015.
Emily Furr - Shelby, OH

Emily is a native of the city of Shelby, Ohio. She attended Ashland University where #she# studied Curriculum & Instruction:. In 2015, she has completed her degree program.
Monika Gaa - Columbus, OH

Monika went on to study after graduating from high school. Her current field is Executive Management. Monika, of Columbus, Ohio, studied Executive Management at Ashland University. Her graduation is scheduled for 2015.
Grace Fumic - Avon, OH

Originally from Avon, Ohio, Grace Fumic studied psychology at Ashland University. She completed her studies in 2016.
Jackie Fye - Columbus, OH

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Jackie Fye graduated from the local high school in hometown, not too long ago. Upon graduating from high school, decided to continue education at Ashland University. Jackie graduated from this college in 2016.
Connor Fulton - Rochester, MI

Connor was born and resided in Rochester, Michigan. He has been a high school student in his hometown. After graduation, Connor attended Ashland University, from where he has graduated in 2017.
Stephanie Fuerst - North Olmsted, OH

Stephanie is from North Olmsted, Ohio. She studied Fuerst is majoring in middle g at Ashland University. She has obtained his degree in 2018.
Emily Fulk - Ashland, OH

Emily has successfully graduated from high school. She currently holds a degree in Fulk is majoring in environmen. Emily resides in Ashland, Ohio. She has studied Fulk is majoring in environmen at Ashland University. Emily has graduated in 2019.
Madeline Gabhart - Gahanna, OH

Madeline was born and raised in Gahanna, Ohio. She studied Gabhart is majoring in creativ at Ashland University. Madeline obtained her degree in 2018.
Hannah Frye - Danville, OH

After graduating from high school, Hannah Frye has continued her studies. Her current degree is in Graphic Design/Theatre. Originally from Danville, Ohio, Hannah Frye has studied Graphic Design/Theatre at Ashland University. Frye is expecting to graduate in 2021.
Jacqueline Furay - Springfield, OH

Her hometown is Springfield, Ohio, where Jacqueline Furay was educated through high school. Jacqueline Furay attended Ashland University after she graduated. In 2019, Jacqueline Furay has graduated and currently works full-time in her field of studies.
Angelica Frye - Galena, OH

Originally from Galena, Ohio, Angelica Frye studied Frye is majoring in history. at Ashland University before continuing studies in her profession. Angelica completed her degree in 0000.