Student Background Records

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  Army and Navy Academy

  College-preparatory school in Carlsbad, California
Army and Navy Academy is a college-preparatory boarding school for boys, grades 7–12, in Carlsbad, California. It was founded in 1910.
Address: 2605 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States
Phone: +1 888-762-2338

Student Education Facts

Vanness Zhu - Chino Hills, CA

Vanness is a resident of Chino Hills, California. Vanness has graduated from high school in hometown. After graduation, went to attend Army and Navy Academy. Vanness has graduated in 2016. Vanness is currently full-time employed.
Junhua "Mi Zhu - Diamond Bar

Junhua is a native of Diamond Bar. Junhua graduated from high school there. Junhua attended Army and Navy Academy after graduation. In 2015, graduated with honors.
Yanlin "Je Zhu - Kunming, China

Yanlin was born in Kunming, China, and graduated from high school there. Yanlin next step was to attend Army and Navy Academy. Yanlin graduation was in 2014. Currently, Yanlin works full-time.
Shengguang Zou - Arcadia, CA

A Arcadia, California native, Shengguang Zou graduated from a local high school. In the years following graduation, went to Army and Navy Academy. Shengguang completed studies there in 2019.
Reid Zieber - Fallbrook, CA

Reid is a high school graduate from Fallbrook, California. Army and Navy Academy was his next stop after graduation. As of 2019, he has graduated. Zieber works as a full-time employee.
Dylon Zipse - Oceanside, CA

Dylon is a resident of Oceanside, California. Dylon has graduated from high school in hometown. After graduation, went to attend Army and Navy Academy. Dylon has graduated in 2018. Dylon is currently full-time employed.
Lawrence Zhu - Chino Hills, CA

A native of Chino Hills, California, Lawrence Zhu graduated from the local high school in hometown, not too long ago. Upon graduating from high school, decided to continue education at Army and Navy Academy. Lawrence graduated from this college in 2022.