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  Alma College

  Credit David Clark, Alma College, Biology Department, Michigan

Liberal Arts college in Alma, Michigan
Address: 614 W Superior St, Alma, MI 48801, United States
Phone: +1 989-463-7111 Undergraduate enrollment: 1,414 (2016–17)
Alma College is a private liberal arts college in Alma, Michigan. It enrolls approximately 1,400 students and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
Overview of Alma College
Alma College is a private institution that was founded in 1886. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,433, its setting is city, and the campus size is 125 acres. It utilizes a 4-4-1-based academic calendar.
Alma College's ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Colleges Midwest, #8. Its tuition and fees are $41,398.
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Student Education Facts

Allison Muenzer - Fenton, MI

Muenzer graduated from high school with honors. Her current degree is in DAN/REL. Originally from Fenton, Michigan, Allison Muenzer studied DAN/REL at Alma College. She graduated in 2020.
Justina Moreno - Alma, MI
 Justina Moreno
Originally from Alma, Michigan, Justina Moreno studied educational studies at Alma College. She completed her studies in 2019.
Monroe Molesky - Alma, MI
 Monroe Molesky
Monroe went on to study after graduating from high school. Monroe current field is integrative physiolgy and heal. Monroe, of Alma, Michigan, studied integrative physiolgy and heal at Alma College. Monroe graduation is scheduled for 2021.
Alexandra Mithen - Livonia, MI
 Alexandra Mithen
Originally from Livonia, Michigan, Alexandra Mithen studied general studies at Alma College before continuing studies in her profession. Alexandra completed her degree in 2022.
Amanda Mladenovski - Shelby Township, MI
 Amanda Mladenovski
Mladenovski is a native of Shelby Township, Michigan She studied nursing at Alma College. As of 2018, she had earned her degree and continues working in her field of studies.
Matthew Minaudo - Clinton Township, MI
 Matthew Minaudo
The high school graduation of Matthew Minaudo has been successfully completed. Matthew current degree is in history. Matthew Minaudo is a resident of Clinton Township, Michigan. Matthew studied history at Alma College. In 2018, Matthew Minaudo will graduate from Alma College.
Brendan Murdie - Novi, MI
 Brendan Murdie
Brendan has completed his high school education successfully. He is currently working towards his GEN degree. Originally from Novi, Michigan, Brendan is currently studying at Alma College. After graduating in 2022, Brendan will begin his career as a nurse.
Tyler Mrock - Port Huron, MI
 Tyler Mrock
Tyler is originally from Port Huron, Michigan. Tyler attended Alma College where studied integrative physiology and hea. The year obtained degree was 2018.
Travis Moyer - Portland, MI
 Travis Moyer
Travis is from Portland, Michigan. He studied management at Alma College. He has obtained his degree in 2020.
Rachel Mitchell - Hillsdale, MI
 Rachel Mitchell
Rachel has successfully completed high school. Currently, she holds a GEN degree. Ms. Mitchell has a degree in GEN from Alma College. She resides in Hillsdale, Michigan. Ms. Mitchell graduated in 2021.
Julia Mocere - Muskegon, MI
 Julia Mocere
Julia is originally from Muskegon, Michigan. She attended Alma College where she studied EDC. The year she obtained her degree was 2019.
Ryan Mott - Livonia, MI
 Ryan Mott
Originally from Livonia, Michigan, Ryan Mott studied FIN/ECN at Alma College before continuing studies in profession. Ryan completed degree in 2020.
Joseph Mitrzyk - Standish, MI
 Joseph Mitrzyk
Joseph is from Standish, Michigan. At Alma College, studied integrative physiology and hea. Joseph graduated in 2018.
John Mitrzyk - Standish, MI
 John Mitrzyk
John was born and raised in Standish, Michigan. John studied biology at Alma College. John obtained degree in 2020.
Whitney Miller - Sparta, MI
 Whitney Miller
Whitney is a native of Sparta, Michigan. Whitney graduated from high school there. Whitney attended Alma College after graduation. In 2020, graduated with honors.
Tait Morrissey - Canadian Lakes, MI
 Tait Morrissey
After graduating from high school, Tait Morrissey has continued studies. Tait current degree is in GEN. Originally from Canadian Lakes, Michigan, Tait Morrissey has studied GEN at Alma College. Morrissey is expecting to graduate in 2021.
Samantha Moretti - Livonia, MI
 Samantha Moretti
Samantha has successfully completed her high school education. She is currently enrolled in a theatre program. Samantha resides in Livonia, Michigan. She studied theatre at Alma College. Samantha graduated from Alma College in 2020.
William Mulligan - Allenton, MI
 William Mulligan
A Allenton, Michigan native, William Mulligan graduated from a local high school. In the years following graduation, went to Alma College. William completed studies there in 2017.
Alexis Moyer - Suttons Bay, MI
 Alexis Moyer
Alexis went on to study after graduating from high school. Alexis current field is nursing. Alexis, of Suttons Bay, Michigan, studied nursing at Alma College. Alexis graduation is scheduled for 2019.
Brandon Moore - Port Austin, MI
 Brandon Moore
Brandon is a native of the city of Port Austin, Michigan. Brandon attended Alma College where #she# studied management. In 2018, has completed degree program.
Robert Mitchell - Warren, MI
 Robert Mitchell
Robert is a high school graduate from Warren, Michigan. Alma College was next stop after graduation. As of 2020, has graduated. Mitchell works as a full-time employee.
Erin Moore - Grand Blanc, MI
 Erin Moore
Erin went on to study after graduating from high school. Erin current field is sociology and psychology. Erin, of Grand Blanc, Michigan, studied sociology and psychology at Alma College. Erin graduation is scheduled for 2018.
Mallory Munderloh - St. Louis, MI
 Mallory Munderloh
After graduating from high school, Mallory Munderloh has continued her studies. Her current degree is in education. Originally from St. Louis, Michigan, Mallory Munderloh has studied education at Alma College. Munderloh is expecting to graduate in 2018.
Matthew Motz - Mt Pleasant, MI
 Matthew Motz
It has been a successful year for Matthew Motz in graduate school. Currently, holds a degree in physics. Matthew studied at Alma College and is a resident of Mt Pleasant, Michigan. Matthew resides with parents. Matthew Motz graduated from Alma College in 2018.
Anna Morford - Alma, MI
 Anna Morford
Anna grew up in Alma, Michigan, and studied nursing at Alma College. In 2017, she graduated from Alma College.
Alyssa Mohr - Standish, MI
 Alyssa Mohr
After graduating from high school, Alyssa Mohr has continued her studies. Her current degree is in English. Originally from Standish, Michigan, Alyssa Mohr has studied English at Alma College. Mohr is expecting to graduate in 2018.
Thomas Miller - Brighton, MI
 Thomas Miller
Having successfully completed high school education, Thomas Miller has achieved a college degree. Currently, is studying international business adminis. Thomas Miller lives in Brighton, Michigan. Thomas attended Alma College where studied international business adminis. Miller is scheduled to graduate in 2017.
Quinton Moeggenborg - Elwell, MI

Moeggenborg is a native of Elwell, Michigan He studied professional accounting at Alma College. As of 2020, he had earned his degree and continues working in his field of studies.
Averi Munro - Morrice, MI

Averi has successfully completed high school. Currently, she holds a Accounting (CPA) degree. Ms. Munro has a degree in Accounting (CPA) from Alma College. She resides in Morrice, Michigan. Ms. Munro graduated in 2020.
Jessica Morr - Monroe, MI

Originally from Monroe, Michigan, Jessica Morr studied art and design at Alma College. She completed her studies in 2018.