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  Alma College

  Credit David Clark, Alma College, Biology Department, Michigan

Liberal Arts college in Alma, Michigan
Address: 614 W Superior St, Alma, MI 48801, United States
Phone: +1 989-463-7111 Undergraduate enrollment: 1,414 (2016–17)
Alma College is a private liberal arts college in Alma, Michigan. It enrolls approximately 1,400 students and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
Overview of Alma College
Alma College is a private institution that was founded in 1886. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,433, its setting is city, and the campus size is 125 acres. It utilizes a 4-4-1-based academic calendar.
Alma College's ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Colleges Midwest, #8. Its tuition and fees are $41,398.
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Kendall Kamp - Clarkston, MI
 Kendall Kamp
Kendall is from Clarkston, Michigan. At Alma College, studied biology and chemistry. Kendall graduated in 2017.
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Simerra Jones - Detroit, MI
 Simerra Jones
Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Simerra Jones graduated from Detroit, Michigan High School where family still resides to this day. Simerra then went to Alma College, where continued education. Simerra received degree in 2019.
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Bergen Jome - Bloomington, IL
 Bergen Jome
Jome is a native of Bloomington, Illinois Bergen studied history at Alma College. As of 2018, had earned degree and continues working in field of studies.
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Justin Johnson - Midland, MI
 Justin Johnson
Justin is from Midland, Michigan. At Alma College, studied marketing. Justin graduated in 2018.
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Jeremy Johnson - Howell, MI
 Jeremy Johnson
Originally from Howell, Michigan, Jeremy Johnson studied political science at Alma College. He completed his studies in 2017.
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Cheyenne Kalfsbeek - Walkerville, MI
 Cheyenne Kalfsbeek
Cheyenne went on to study after graduating from high school. Her current field is Mathematics and Neuroscience. Cheyenne, of Walkerville, Michigan, studied Mathematics and Neuroscience at Alma College. Her graduation is scheduled for 2018.
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Austin Jordan - Naperville, IL
 Austin Jordan
It has been a successful year for Austin Jordan in graduate school. Currently, he holds a degree in finance/economics. He studied at Alma College and is a resident of Naperville, Illinois. He resides with his parents. Austin Jordan graduated from Alma College in 2018.
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Blake Jonassen - Muskegon, MI
 Blake Jonassen
Blake is a native of the city of Muskegon, Michigan. Blake attended Alma College where #she# studied general studies. In 2022, has completed degree program.
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Moranda Johnson - Livonia, MI
 Moranda Johnson
Moranda is originally from Livonia, Michigan. Moranda attended Alma College where studied general studies. The year obtained degree was 2022.
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Joy Johnson - Detroit, MI
 Joy Johnson
Joy is a high school graduate. She has a English degree. She studied English at Alma College. She lives in Detroit, Michigan. Joy graduated from the university in 2020.
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Delin Kanitz - Traverse City, MI
 Delin Kanitz
Originally from Traverse City, Michigan, Delin Kanitz studied Nursing at Alma College. Delin degree was awarded in 2021.
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Emilee Kaminski - Dearborn Heights, MI
 Emilee Kaminski
Originally from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Emilee Kaminski studied SOC at Alma College. She completed her studies in 2020.
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Kasey Jones - Midland, MI
 Kasey Jones
It has been a successful year for Kasey Jones in graduate school. Currently, holds a degree in general studies. Kasey studied at Alma College and is a resident of Midland, Michigan. Kasey resides with parents. Kasey Jones graduated from Alma College in 2022.
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Justin Jones - Rockford, MI
 Justin Jones
Justin is originally from Rockford, Michigan. Justin attended Alma College where studied marketing. The year obtained degree was 2019.
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Tia Jolls - Carson City, MI
 Tia Jolls
Jolls studied integrative physiology and hea at Alma College. She is a native of Carson City, Michigan Having earned her degree in 2018, she has begun her successful career.
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Callie Jones - Mason, MI
 Callie Jones
Originally from Mason, Michigan, Callie Jones studied GEN at Alma College. Her degree was awarded in 2021.
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Kathryn Kalamaras - Crystal Lake, IL
 Kathryn Kalamaras
The high school graduation of Kathryn Kalamaras has been successfully completed. Her current degree is in theatre and dance dance. Kathryn Kalamaras is a resident of Crystal Lake, Illinois. She studied theatre and dance dance at Alma College. In 2017, Kathryn Kalamaras will graduate from Alma College.
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Rachel Kalinovik - Westland, MI
 Rachel Kalinovik
Rachel grew up in Westland, Michigan, and studied English at Alma College. In 2018, she graduated from Alma College.
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Ishijah Johnson - Flint, MI
 Ishijah Johnson
Having successfully completed high school education, Ishijah Johnson has achieved a college degree. Currently, is studying music. Ishijah Johnson lives in Flint, Michigan. Ishijah attended Alma College where studied music. Johnson is scheduled to graduate in 2018.
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Mijung Kang - Namyangju, South Korea
 Mijung Kang
Mijung was born in Namyangju, South Korea, and graduated from high school there. Mijung next step was to attend Alma College. Mijung graduation was in 2016. Currently, Mijung works full-time.
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Megan Kalanik - Milford, MI
 Megan Kalanik
Megan was born in Milford, Michigan, and graduated from high school there. Her next step was to attend Alma College. Her graduation was in 2018. Currently, Megan works full-time.
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Peter Jonsson - Ortonville, MI
 Peter Jonsson
Peter is from Ortonville, Michigan. At Alma College, he studied mathematics. Peter graduated in 2018.
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Libbey Jones - Mason, MI
 Libbey Jones
Originally from Mason, Michigan, Libbey Jones studied education/integrative science at Alma College. Libbey degree was awarded in 2018.
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Alex Karapas - Clinton, MI
 Alex Karapas
Alex is from Clinton, Michigan. Alex studied secondary education and histor at Alma College. Alex has obtained his degree in 2016.
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Kyle Kansman - Farmington Hills, MI
 Kyle Kansman
Kyle has successfully completed high school education. Kyle is currently enrolled in a biology program. Kyle resides in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Kyle studied biology at Alma College. Kyle graduated from Alma College in 2017.
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Mackenzie Kalisiewicz - Warren, MI
 Mackenzie Kalisiewicz
Mackenzie is a resident of Warren, Michigan. She has graduated from high school in her hometown. After graduation, she went to attend Alma College. She has graduated in 2017. Mackenzie is currently full-time employed.
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Alexandra Karakuc - Holly, MI

It has been a successful year for Alexandra Karakuc in graduate school. Currently, she holds a degree in Biology & Environmental Sc. She studied at Alma College and is a resident of Holly, Michigan. She resides with her parents. Alexandra Karakuc graduated from Alma College in 2021.
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Hannah Joslin - Linden, MI

Hannah grew up in Linden, Michigan, and studied integrative physiology and hea at Alma College. In 2018, she graduated from Alma College.
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Cierra Kalinovik - Westland, MI

Cierra has successfully completed high school. Currently, she holds a biology degree. Ms. Kalinovik has a degree in biology from Alma College. She resides in Westland, Michigan. Ms. Kalinovik graduated in 2018.
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Luke Jones - Alto, MI

Originally from Alto, Michigan, Luke Jones studied general studies at Alma College. His degree was awarded in 2022.
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