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3D imaging of computer chips for security, quality control and reverse engineering

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute have built the first “microscope” probe that can produce 3D images of natural or engineered objects, zooming seamlessly from the macro- to the nano-scale. The probe already can be used in a variety of science and engineering fields, like monitoring the quality of computer chips.

7 Oct 2019 Nature Electronics

Squid-inspired robots might have environmental, propulsion applications

Scientists studied fluid mechanics to simulate and build a squidlike robot that's fast, quiet and hard to see

1 Oct 2019 Physics of Fluids

Stanford researchers have developed a gel-like fluid to prevent wildfires

A preventive treatment developed by Stanford researchers could greatly reduce the incidence and severity of wildfires.

30 Sep 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

New chip poised to enable hand-held microwave imaging

Researchers shrink bulky imaging systems down to millimeter sized chip that could be used to see through walls or detect tumors.

26 Sep 2019 Optica

Secure printing with water-based invisible ink

Researchers in China have developed a rewriteable paper coating that can encrypt secret information with relatively low-tech invisible ink - water.

25 Sep 2019 Matter

Numbers limit how accurately digital computers model chaos

The study shows that digital computers cannot reliably reproduce the behaviour of 'chaotic systems' which are widespread.

23 Sep 2019 Advanced Theory and Simulations

Newcastle nanotechnologist awarded prestigious international lecture

Professor Vinu is the Global Innovation Chair Professor for Advanced Nanomaterials and the Director of the Global Innovative Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials at the University of Newcastle. 

22 Sep 2019

Figuring out fake news

The ability to determine what’s real and what’s fake online could soon become a little easier thanks to artificial intelligence systems and research developed at The University of Queensland.

21 Sep 2019

Renewable energy research to future-proof Australia’s global trade

A new research project at The Australian National University (ANU) will redefine Australia’s trade relationship with the Asia-Pacific based on renewable energy and contribute to reducing global emissions.

20 Sep 2019

Even short-lived solar panels can be economically viable

Research shows that, contrary to accepted rule of thumb, a 10- or 15-year lifetime can be good enough.

19 Sep 2019 Joule

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