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Visualizing strong magnetic fields with neutrons

Researchers have developed a new method with which strong magnetic fields can be precisely measured.

22 Aug 2019 Nature Communications

Measuring the charge of electrons in a high-temp superconductor

Scientists found a large concentration of electron pairs outside key temperature and energy ranges; this finding could inform the search for new materials that conduct electricity without resistance at unusually high temperatures.

21 Aug 2019 Nature

Atomic ‘Trojan horse’ for a new generation of X-ray lasers

An intense electron beam that could be used in the X-ray lasers of the future has been produced in research led at the University of Strathclyde.

17 Aug 2019 Nature Physics

uSEE breakthrough unlocks the nanoscale world on standard biology lab equipment

The ability to observe how life works at a nanoscale level is a grand challenge of our time.

16 Aug 2019 Nature Communications

Newfound superconductor material could be the ‘silicon of quantum computers’

Possible 'topological superconductor' could overcome industry's problem of quantum decoherence.

15 Aug 2019 Science

How buildings can cut 80% of their carbon emissions by 2050

A new model suggests that reaching this target will require the installation of highly energy-efficient building technologies, new operational approaches, and electrification of building systems that consume fossil fuels directly, alongside increases in the share of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

15 Aug 2019 Joule

How do atoms vibrate in graphene nanostructures?

Innovative new electron spectroscopy technique pushes the limits of Nanospectroscopy for materials design.

12 Aug 2019 Nature

Supercapacitors turbocharged by laxatives

An international team of scientists has worked out a way to improve energy storage devices called supercapacitors, by designing a new class of detergents chemically related to laxatives.

12 Aug 2019 Nature Materials

Bending the rules: A revolutionary new way for metals to be malleable

For nearly 100 years, scientists thought they understood everything there was to know about how metals bend. They were wrong.

9 Aug 2019 Nature Communications

How much energy storage costs must fall to reach renewable energy’s full potential

MIT researchers quantify cost targets for storage technologies to enable solar and wind energy with storage to reach competitiveness with other on-demand energy sources.

7 Aug 2019 Joule

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