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‘Melting rock’ models predict mechanical origins of earthquakes

Friction drops as rocks slide past one another with greater speed.

17 Jan 2020 Nature Communications

How sensitive can a quantum detector be?

A new device measures the tiniest energies in superconducting circuits, an essential step for quantum technology.

17 Jan 2020 Nature Communications

Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency

Method has ramifications for quantum computing, communications and more.

13 Jan 2020 Nature Physics

What makes a candidate electable? Scientists know

The research implements concepts and methods from physics to uncover some of the universal properties of elections.

13 Jan 2020 Nature Physics

Influential electrons? Physicists uncover a quantum relationship

This understanding reveals an underlying mechanism by which electrons influence one another, termed quantum "hybridization," that had been invisible in previous experiments.

13 Jan 2020 Nature Physics

Nano antennas for data transfer

Directional antennas for light could be used to exchange data between different processor cores with little loss and at the speed of light. To enable antennas to operate with the very short wavelengths of visible light, such directional antennas have to be shrunk to nanometre scale.

8 Jan 2020 Nature Communications

Cutting through fog with laser focus

Scattering materials like fog, cloud, a glass of milk or biological tissues have complex microscopic structures, and when light travels through these materials, it interacts with them.

7 Jan 2020 Nature Communications

Color-changing fiber and theory reveal fundamental mystery of knots

The framework could be used to design and explore new classes of knots with specific behaviors.

2 Jan 2020 Science

Spectroscopy: A fine sense for molecules

At the biochemical level, organisms can be thought of as complex collections of different species of molecules.

1 Jan 2020 Nature

QuTech realises ‘MRI on the atomic scale’

It opens the door towards imaging individual molecules, like proteins and other complex systems, atom by atom.

24 Dec 2019 Nature

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