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One-third of recent global methane increase comes from tropical Africa

The results indicate that about a third of the global atmospheric methane increase observed between 2010-2016 originates in Africa's tropics.

3 hours ago Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Close friends help macaques survive

Close friendships improve the survival chances of rhesus macaques, new research shows.

10 hours ago Proceedings of the Royal Society B

High above the storm clouds, lightning powers gamma-ray flashes and ultraviolet ‘elves’

The results show the TGF was produced by the high-electric fields produced just prior to a lightning bolt within the thunderstorm cloud - occurring milliseconds after the onset of the lightning leader, which was key to the TGF's formation.

10 Dec 2019 Science

Was Earth’s oxygenation a gradual, not step-wise, process – driven by internal feedbacks?

The findings dramatically increase the possibility of high-O2 worlds existing elsewhere in the universe.

10 Dec 2019 Science

Can we develop computer chips that run on light?

In recent experiments, researchers identify a common material that could help.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Photonics

The chiton mollusk, which is about 1 to 2 inches long, has a series of eight large plates and is ringed by a girdle of smaller, more flexible scales. The mollusk is the inspiration behind a 3D printed armor. CREDIT Virginia Tech

Chiton mollusk provides model for new armor design

10 Dec 2019 Nature Communications

Greenland ice losses rising faster than expected

A team of 96 polar scientists from 50 international organisations have produced the most complete picture of Greenland ice loss to date.

10 Dec 2019 Nature

Communications device offers huge bandwidth potential

Researchers have painstakingly combined plasma, metal and dielectric materials into multifunctional, artificial crystals, which could pave the way to higher bandwidth wireless communications.

10 Dec 2019 Applied Physics Reviews

Partisanship and event characteristics shape climate change discussions after extreme weather

The work is part of a growing body of research exploring the links between personal experience with an extreme weather event and social mobilization around climate change.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Climate Change

Florida Tech finds megadroughts fueled cloud forest activity

Sediment samples show recovery from some ecosystem damage is possible.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Ecology & Evolution

Precise action anti-cancer drugs in the cell clarified

Watching a drug in action.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Materials

Stretchy and squeezy soft sensors one step closer thanks to new bonding method

Imperial College London bioengineers have found a way to create stretchy and squeezy soft sensing devices by bonding rubber to electrical components.

10 Dec 2019 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Common genetic link between autism and Tourette’s impairs brain communication

The research also suggests that ketamine, or related drugs, may be a useful treatment for both of these disorders.

10 Dec 2019 Cerebral Cortex

When penguins ruled after dinosaurs died

Chatham Island provides missing link in evolution.

10 Dec 2019 Palaeontologia Electronica

Women in Nepal still forced to sleep outside in ‘menstruation huts’

Criminalised practice continues, study finds.

10 Dec 2019 Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

Killer whale grandmothers boost survival of calves

Post-menopausal killer whale grandmothers improve the chances of survival for their grand-calves, new research has found.

9 Dec 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Twisted “light keys” decrypting holographic “locks”

A revolutionary holographic technology has been recently developed by a research team at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

9 Dec 2019 Nature Photonics

How a penalty shootout is decided in the brain

Decision-making is controlled by different nerve cells.

9 Dec 2019 Cell Biology

Climate change and the threat to global breadbaskets

Researchers looked at the risk of simultaneous breadbasket failures due to climatic extremes, and how the risk has changed over time.

9 Dec 2019 Nature Climate Change

The genetic signature of memory

Unique memory genes are expressed in different areas of the brain.

9 Dec 2019 eNeuro