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A way to ‘fingerprint’ human cells

The method has the potential to allow earlier detection of cancer, identify the cells at the root of autoimmune disease, and help personalise treatments to individual patients.

6 hours ago Genome Biology

Australian and US team discover new human autoinflammatory disease

Scientists from Australia and the US have discovered and identified the genetic cause of a previously unknown human autoinflammatory disease.

11 Dec 2019 Nature

Precise action anti-cancer drugs in the cell clarified

Watching a drug in action.

10 Dec 2019 Nature Materials

Common genetic link between autism and Tourette’s impairs brain communication

The research also suggests that ketamine, or related drugs, may be a useful treatment for both of these disorders.

10 Dec 2019 Cerebral Cortex

Women in Nepal still forced to sleep outside in ‘menstruation huts’

Criminalised practice continues, study finds.

10 Dec 2019 Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

The genetic signature of memory

Unique memory genes are expressed in different areas of the brain.

9 Dec 2019 eNeuro

Machine learning decreases experimental costs of drug combination screening for translational applications

FIMM researchers have developed an efficient machine learning model that requires only a limited set of dose-response measurements for accurate prediction of drug combination synergy in a given patient sample. The minimal-input web-implementation, named DECREASE, supports cost-effective combinatorial screening in precision medicine projects with decreased experimental costs, translational time and number of patient-derived cells required.

9 Dec 2019 Nature Machine Intelligence

Machine learning can help us understand conversations about death

Researchers wanted to understand the types of conversations that people have around serious illness, to identify the common features they have and determine if they follow common storylines.

9 Dec 2019 Patient Education and Counselling

Many pregnancies are shorter as climate change causes more 90-degree days

The trend could cause health risks for newborns.

8 Dec 2019 Nature Climate Change

Nanocontainer ships titan-size gene therapies and drugs into cells

Many academic and commercial scientists have long sought better transit systems for therapies.

6 Dec 2019 Science Advances

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