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Programmable linear quantum networks with a multimode fibre

As a consequence, the platform for reconfigurable circuits may be appealing well beyond the quantum physics community.

2 Dec 2019 Nature Photonics

The coldest reaction

With ultracold chemistry, researchers get a first look at exactly what happens during a chemical reaction.

28 Nov 2019 Science

A one-way street for light

Physicists at Bonn University irreversibly split photons by freezing them in a Bose-Einstein condensate.

14 Nov 2019 Science

Laser pulses create topological state in graphene

The study result was an ultrafast optoelectronic device architecture based on photoconductive switches.

8 Nov 2019 Nature Physics

Observation of quantum-mechanical ultrafast coherent oscillations in a silicon single-electron device

Quantum behavior of a single electron in the sub-terahertz regime.

5 Nov 2019 Nature Nanotechnology

Resistance at the Edge

New findings present a nuanced picture of electron flow in quantum states.

21 Oct 2019 Nature

A cavity leads to a strong interaction between light and matter

Researchers have succeeded in creating an efficient quantum-mechanical light-matter interface using a microscopic cavity. Within this cavity, a single photon is emitted and absorbed up to 10 times by an artificial atom.

21 Oct 2019 Nature

Weaving quantum processors out of laser light

Researchers open a new avenue to quantum computing with a breakthrough experiment: a large-scale quantum processor made entirely of light.

17 Oct 2019 Science

Quantum paradox experiment may lead to more accurate clocks and sensors

The experiment itself will also answer some open questions in modern physics.

9 Oct 2019 Science Advances

New horizons for connecting future quantum computers into a quantum network

Researchers have made two steps in the conversion of quantum states between signals in the microwave and optical domains.

7 Oct 2019 Nature Physics

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