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20-qubit Schrödinger cat states with superconducting quantum processor

The achievement of these results is a big step toward building a quantum computer.

15 Aug 2019 Science

Newfound superconductor material could be the ‘silicon of quantum computers’

Possible 'topological superconductor' could overcome industry's problem of quantum decoherence.

15 Aug 2019 Science

A perfect single-photon source for quantum computing, finally

This is a fundamental key step for optical quantum computing, which promises a huge increase of computational power compared to our conventional computers.

5 Aug 2019 Nature Photonics

Researchers at the Forschungszentrum Jülich develop novel process for structuring quantum materials

The so-called "Jülich process" makes it possible to combine superconductors and topological insulators in the ultra-high vacuum and thereby produce complex components.

29 Jul 2019 Nature Nanotechnology

Scalable global quantum gates on arbitrary ion-qubits

It is the time to find out and fill missing technologies for the practical quantum computation.

26 Jul 2019 Nature

200 times faster than ever before! The speediest quantum operation yet

A group of physicists at UNSW Sydney have built a super-fast version of the central building block of a quantum computer. The research is the milestone result of a vision first outlined by scientists 20 years ago.

17 Jul 2019 Nature

Quantum sensor breakthrough using naturally occurring vibrations in artificial atoms

A team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have discovered a new method that could be used to build quantum sensors with ultra-high precision.

10 Jul 2019 Nature Communications

Researchers teleport information within a diamond

Quantum teleportation permits the transfer of quantum information into an otherwise inaccessible space.

28 Jun 2019 Communications Physics

Building a bridge to the quantum world

Scientists at IST Austria develop a prototype of what may, in the future, serve as a link to connect quantum computers

26 Jun 2019 Nature

Only a few questions to prove quantum entanglement: a further step towards reliable quantum computation

One of the essential features required for the realization of a quantum computer is quantum entanglement.

24 Jun 2019 Nature Physics

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