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Scientists succeed in measuring electron spin qubit without demolishing it

This type of “non-demolition” measurement is important for creating quantum computers that are fault tolerant.

2 Mar 2020 Nature Communications

In leap for quantum computing, silicon quantum bits establish a long-distance relationship

Princeton scientists demonstrate that two silicon quantum bits can communicate across relatively long distances in a turning point for the technology.

25 Dec 2019 Nature

First chip-to-chip quantum teleportation harnessing silicon photonic chip fabrication

These chips are able to encode quantum information in light generated inside the circuits and can process the ‘quantum information’ with high efficiency and extremely low noise.

23 Dec 2019 Nature Physics

The coolest LEGO ® in the universe

Its special properties mean it could be useful in the development of quantum computing.

23 Dec 2019 Scientific Reports KEYWORDS

“Multicoloured” quantum light goes non-Gaussian

Non-Gaussian quantum states of a multimode light field.

17 Dec 2019 Nature Physics

A memory effect at single-atom level

The research group has investigated an artificial quantum system and found new properties.

6 Nov 2019 Nature Physics

Johns Hopkins researchers discover material that could someday power quantum computer

Researchers found that a certain superconducting material contains special properties that could be the building blocks for technology of the future.

10 Oct 2019 Science

New horizons for connecting future quantum computers into a quantum network

Researchers have made two steps in the conversion of quantum states between signals in the microwave and optical domains.

7 Oct 2019 Nature Physics

‘Poor man’s qubit’ can solve quantum problems without going quantum

Researchers demonstrate the first hardware for a ‘probabilistic computer’.

18 Sep 2019 Nature

Dartmouth and MIT research advances noise cancelling for quantum computers

Experiment marks important step in development of more precise qubit systems.

16 Sep 2019 Nature Communications

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