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Infants integrate firsthand and social experiences to decide when and how to try

They might not yet speak in complete sentences, but 18-month-olds are savvy when it comes to deciding when and how to try.

20 Jan 2020 Nature Human Behaviour

Findings on education, malnutrition ‘deeply disturbing’ with United Nations’ goals 10 years away

In 2017, 1 in 6 women aged 20-24 living in low- and middle-income countries had not completed primary school.

8 Jan 2020 Nature

Calls to curb infant formula’s carbon footprint

Urgent action is needed to protect breastfeeding and reduce formula’s carbon footprint.

15 Dec 2019

Root of childhood kidney cancer discovered

Pre-cancerous signatures found in healthy tissue point the way towards new treatment options.

5 Dec 2019 Science

Shaking head to get rid of water in ears could cause brain damage

Though it is a common method to release trapped water in the ear canal, researchers say the acceleration of head shaking needed to free water can cause brain damage.

24 Nov 2019 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamic

Newborn baby hiccups could be key to brain development

Pre-term infants are particularly prone to hiccups, as they spend an estimated 1% of their time hiccupping - roughly 15 minutes a day.

12 Nov 2019 Clinical Neurophysiology

Emphasizing social play in kindergarten improves academics, reduces teacher burnout

Emphasizing more play, hands-on learning, and students helping one another in kindergarten improves academic outcomes, self-control and attention regulation, finds new UBC research.

17 Sep 2019 PLOS ONE

3 in 5 parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted teen driver

Teens driving with teens: More than half of parents in a new national poll believe their teen has been in an unsafe situation riding with a teen driver.

16 Sep 2019

Cracking the code of a brain cancer that keeps coming back

Sonic hedgehog medulloblastoma can turn into a stubborn killer of children.

29 Aug 2019 Cancer Cell

Blood test detects concussion and subconcussive injuries in children and adults

Traumatic brain injury with no symptoms can cause wear and tear over time

26 Aug 2019 BMJ Paediatrics Open