Tracking inheritance of human mitochondrial DNA

New insight into how genetic information stored in human mitochondria is passed from one generation to the next could have important implications for genetic counseling of women planning pregnancies, according to a study by researchers at Penn State and the University of California, Berkeley. The findings are especially relevant to women carrying disease-causing mutations within … Read more

Support needed for multiple-birth families to improve outcomes

Having multiple-birth babies can be a time of wonder and excitement, however, according to the first-ever international collaborative report released today, these babies and their families can face serious disadvantages compared to parents of single-birth babies. Led by Twins Research Australia based at the University of Melbourne, the report identifies common challenges facing these families, … Read more

New moms often overlook critical postpartum care during ‘fourth trimester’

The three trimesters of pregnancy are filled with doctor’s appointments, preparations and careful surveillance of the health of both mom and baby. However, in the months after their baby is born, known as the fourth trimester, priorities often shift for new moms, and their own health can fall to the bottom of their to-do lists. … Read more