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Precious metals may still be locked inside the Moon

Geologists have long speculated that four and a half billion years ago, the Moon was formed from the Earth by the impact of a massive planet-sized object, so the expectation is that this common history would result in similar compositions for the two bodies.

19 Aug 2019 Nature Geoscience

Continuing the Apollo legacy: Study shows that the Moon is older than previously believed

Fifty years after the first landing on the Moon, scientists from the University of Cologne have combined new geochemical information to determine the Moon’s age using samples from different Apollo missions.

29 Jul 2019 Nature Geoscience

Formation of the Moon brought water to Earth

Planetologists from Münster explain how Earth became a habitable planet.

20 May 2019 Nature Astronomy

New Analysis Shows the Moon Is Tectonically Active

It’s a great testament to the continued benefits of the Apollo program that seismic data collected over 40 years ago is helping to confirm that the moon is likely tectonically active today.

13 May 2019 Nature Geoscience