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Climate (not humans) shaped early forests of New England

Historical insight alters rationale for modern land management.

20 Jan 2020 Nature Sustainability

Climate change unlikely to drive sugar maples north

Such changes could have major consequences on how land-based ecosystems function.

13 Jan 2020 Journal of Ecology

Wildlife needs fire-damaged and dead trees after fires

Many trees that look dead will still be alive.  In the months ahead, buds will sprout from under the blackened bark

12 Jan 2020

Poplars genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees

The findings are important because poplar plantations cover 9.4 million hectares globally – more than double the land used 15 years ago.

6 Jan 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

In ancient scottish rings, a cautionary tale on climate, politics and survival

A 1600s famine with echoes in the age of Brexit.

4 Jan 2020 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

New online initiative offers holiday shoppers chance to give unique gift of forest conservation

Visitors to can Permanently Protect an acre of guatemalan cloud forest to help combat climate crisis, biodiversity loss

24 Dec 2019

Degraded soils mean tropical forests may never fully recover from logging

Soil nutrients including phosphorus come from rocks, and are taken up by trees through their roots.

17 Dec 2019 Global Change Biology

Linked environmental problems amplify human impact on the Earth System

The bushfires raging across Australia are a distressing example of connections between global environmental problems that amplify human impacts on the Earth System.

16 Dec 2019 Nature Sustainability

Forest fragmentation hits wildlife hardest in the tropics

Everyone knows habitat loss is bad for animals, but there’s been a longstanding debate about fragmentation – the arrangement of remaining habitat.

5 Dec 2019 Science

Changing wildfires in the California’s Sierra Nevada may threaten northern goshawks

New study in Biological Conservation shows majority of the species' foraging and roosting habitat is at high risk of severe wildfire.

5 Dec 2019 Biological Conservation

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