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New study shows impact of largescale tree death on carbon storage

Mapping the causes of tree death is important because it helps scientists understand how the world's carbon stocks - stored in forests - are affected by these disturbances and the frequency with which they occur.

12 Aug 2019 Nature Geoscience

Researchers discover oldest fossil forest in Asia

The fossil forest, which is larger than Grand Central Station, is the earliest example of a forest in Asia.

8 Aug 2019 Current Biology

Despite habitat protection, endangered owls decline in Mount Rainier National Park

The Northern Spotted Owl population in Washington's Mount Rainier National Park has declined sharply in the past two decades despite the long-term preservation of habitat within the park.

8 Aug 2019 The Condor: Ornithological Applications

‘Mega-fires’ may be too extreme even for a bird that loves fire

Climate change is fostering larger, more homogeneous fires with reduced pyrodiversity.

6 Aug 2019 The Condor: Ornithological Applications

High lead concentrations in wildlife in the Amazon

Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Universitat Central de Catalunya/Universitat de Vic detected high lead concentrations in wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon, originated in the lead ammunition and the oil industry. The study has been published in Nature Sustainability.

5 Aug 2019 Nature Sustainability

To learn how poison frogs are adapting to warmer temperatures, scientists got crafty

Mini habitats made out of catering pans helped show how that frogs can adapt to heat - to a point.

2 Aug 2019 Biotropica

How humans and chimpanzees travel towards a goal in rainforests

Researchers compare spatial movement patterns of human foragers and chimpanzees towards food locations in dense forest.

30 Jul 2019 Scientific Reports

Aboveground vegetation biomass in the tropics has no more a positive impact on carbon stocks

The tropical regions could even soon become a carbon source for the atmosphere in the near future, thus enhancing the global warming.

29 Jul 2019 Nature Plants

OU-led study shows improved estimates of tropical forest area and loss in the Brazilian Amazon in 2000-2017

The Amazon basin has the largest tropical forests in the world.

29 Jul 2019 Nature Sustainability

A tree stump that should be dead is still alive; here’s why

New research details how surrounding trees keep tree stumps alive, possibly in exchange for access to larger root systems.

25 Jul 2019 iScience

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