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Large storage potential in future ice-free glacier basins

Glaciologists at ETH Zurich and WSL investigated the global water storage and hydropower potential in glacierised areas that could become ice-free by the end of the century.

13 Nov 2019 Nature

Ironclad climate protection

The metal industry and materials science have numerous possibilities to make metallic materials more climate-friendly.

13 Nov 2019 Nature

Solar and wind energy preserve groundwater for drought, agriculture

Using drought-prone California as a case study, the researchers show that increased solar and wind energy can reduce the reliance on hydropower, especially during drought.

6 Nov 2019 Nature Communications

New way to date rocks

The discovery comes at a critical time for the mining industry and for the planet.

4 Nov 2019 GSA Bulletin

Overcoming weak governance will take decades with implications for climate adaptation

The study quantifies - for the first time - different governance pathways at the national level over the 21st century, using scenarios of socio-economic development widely used in climate change research.

28 Oct 2019 Nature Sustainability

Fish farming solution is in the cloud

A quick, cost-effective, cloud-based platform, which could solve one of fish farming’s biggest challenges, has received a US $100,000 grant for concept development and testing.

24 Oct 2019 Inspire Challenge 2019

Microsatellite data can help double impact of agricultural interventions

Finding low cost ways to increase food production is critical given that feeding a growing population and increasing the yields of crops in a changing climate are some of the greatest challenges of the coming decades.

7 Oct 2019 Nature Sustainability

International boundaries keep out unauthorized fishing if the price is right

7 Oct 2019 Nature Sustainability

Study champions inland fisheries as rural nutrition hero

Synthesizing new data and assessment methods is showing how freshwater fish is an invisible superhero in the global challenge to feed poor rural populations in many areas of the world.

26 Sep 2019 Fish and Fisheries

Shadow RBA’s conviction rates should stay put strengthens

The conviction that rates should remain unchanged has strengthened to 71 per cent, up from 68 per cent last month.

3 Sep 2019 RBA Shadow Board

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