UofT researchers find: Most engineered nanoparticles enter tumours through cells, not between them

The prevailing theory in cancer nanomedicine — an approach that enables more targeted therapies than standard chemotherapy — has been that nanoparticles mainly diffuse passively into tumours through tiny gaps between cells in the endothelium, which lines the inner wall of blood vessels that support tumour growth. The researchers previously showed that less than one per … Read more

Controlling molecular glue protects connections between brain cells

A way in which some connections between brain cells can resist degeneration – a hallmark of traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases — has been discovered by researchers at The University of Queensland. Dr Sean Coakley and Professor Massimo Hilliard from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research uncovered a way in which cells control the … Read more

Mouse pups born from eggs derived from the granulosa cells that surround oocytes

By introducing a chemical cocktail to granulosa cells, researchers in China induced the cells to transform into functional oocytes in mice. Once fertilized, these oocytes were then successfully able to produce healthy offspring, showing no differences from naturally bred mice. The chemical reprogramming method appears December 24 in the journal Cell Reports. Ovarian follicles are the … Read more