The curious tale of the cancer ‘parasite’ that sailed the seas

A contagious canine cancer that conquered the world by spreading between dogs during mating likely arose around 6,000 years ago in Asia and spread around the globe through maritime activities, scientists say. A detailed genetic study, published today in Science, reveals some surprising – and even mysterious – findings about how this cancer, that has survived … Read more

Astronomers help wage war on cancer

Techniques developed by astronomers could help in the fight against breast and skin cancer. Charlie Jeynes at the University of Exeter will present his and Prof Tim Harries team’s work today (3 July) at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting (NAM 2019) at the University of Lancaster. A large part of astronomy depends on the detection … Read more

Harvard chemists’ breakthrough in synthesis advances a potent anti-cancer agent

It’s a feat three decades in the making: Harvard University chemists have achieved what a new paper calls a “landmark in drug discovery” with the total synthesis of halichondrin. Known to be a potent anti-cancer agent in mouse studies, and found naturally in sea sponges – though only ever in minuscule quantities – the halichondrin … Read more

Excessive use of skin cancer surgery curbed with awareness effort

Sometimes a little gentle peer persuasion goes a long way toward correcting a large problem. That’s the message from researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and seven collaborating health care organizations which report that a “Dear Colleague” performance evaluation letter successively convinced physicians nationwide to reduce the amount of tissue they removed in a common surgical … Read more