A one-way street for light

Light can be directed in different directions, usually also back the same way. Physicists from the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne have however succeeded in creating a new one-way street for light. They cool photons down to a Bose-Einstein condensate, which causes the light to collect in optical “valleys” from which it … Read more

Order from chaos: Australian vortex studies are first proof of decades-old theory

Two Australian studies published this week offer the first proof of a 70-year-old theory of turbulence. “The studies confirm a seminal theory of the formation of large-scale vortices from turbulence in 2D fluid flow, where the large vortices emerge from an apparent chaos of smaller vortices,” says author Prof Matt Davis, FLEET’s lead on the … Read more

Hypersonic Matterwaves for ultrafast Atomtronics

Scientists at IESL-FORTH in Crete have created an atomtronic accelerator ring for neutral atoms. It is capable of accelerating Bose-Einstein Condensates up to hypersonic speeds and to transport them over record distances. This will enable novel quantum technologies capable of extremely sensitive rotation and gravity sensors. Atomtronics manipulates atoms much in the way that electronics … Read more