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Glimpse into ancient hunting strategies of dragonflies and damselflies

Scorpions are among the first animals to have moved from the sea onto land but because their fossil record is limited, how and when they adapted to life on land remains unclear.

16 Jan 2020 Scientific Reports

Puzzle of early Neolithic house orientations finally solved

A research team has investigated the alignment of early Neolithic houses in Central and Eastern Europe.

10 Jan 2020 PLOS ONE

Study puts the ‘Carib’ in ‘Caribbean,’ boosting credibility of Columbus’ cannibal claims

'Face to face' with the Caribbean's earliest inhabitants.

10 Jan 2020 Scientific Reports

Early humans revealed to have engineered optimised stone tools at Olduvai Gorge

Early Stone Age populations living between 1.8 - 1.2 million years ago engineered their stone tools in complex ways to make optimised cutting tools, according to a new study by University of Kent and UCL.

8 Jan 2020 Royal Society Interface

Fossil corals reveal sea level variability in the Indian Ocean over the past 2,000 years

The results show that sea level has not been stable in the Indian Ocean over the past 2,000 years.

5 Jan 2020 Nature Geoscience

Earliest evidence for rhizomes roasting in Africa 170 thousand years ago

The findings suggest that palatable rhizomes from Hypoxis sp. may have been a reliable and transportable staple food for Middle Stone Age humans at the site and perhaps a familiar source of food for early human populations traveling throughout Africa and beyond.

2 Jan 2020 Science

Bone analysis suggests small T. rexes were not a separate genus; they were kids

A study of two juvenile T.rex skeletons show how the large predator grew up.

1 Jan 2020 Science Advances

How fish fins evolved just before the transition to land

Research on fossilized fish from the late Devonian period, roughly 375 million years ago, details the evolution of fins as they began to transition into limbs fit for walking on land.

30 Dec 2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Large scale feasts at ancient capital of Ulster drew crowds from across Iron Age Ireland

Study explores scale of human mobility through analysis of animal bones.

24 Dec 2019 Scientific Reports

Carleton researcher discovers earliest fossil evidence of parental behaviour

Parental care is a behavioural strategy where parents make an investment or divert resources from themselves to increase the health and chances of survival for their offspring.

23 Dec 2019 Nature Ecology & Evolution

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